DARING THE BAD BOY                         HEIDI RICE

Daring the Bad Boy by Heidi RiceWhat happens on Valentine’s Night, stays on Valentine’s Night… That’s the rule.

After a trip home to bury his father, US photographer in London Caleb Landry finds himself stranded in a Soho bar full of boozy women brooding his way through his least favourite night of the year.

But when college art teacher Rosie Smith tries out the cheesiest pick-up line ever on him, Cal becomes captivated by this good girl with a filthy mind – especially when he discovers she has a V-Day allergy of her own. So he dares her to one smokin’ hot Valentine’s night hook-up with no questions asked, satisfaction guaranteed…

But when Valentine’s Night turns into the morning after, suddenly Rosie’s asking questions she shouldn’t, and putting Cal in danger of breaking his number one rule.
     Things from your past have a way of sometimes shaping your future if you don’t know it.  Or aren’t lucky enough to find someone to help you change the course.
     Luckily for Rosie Smith and Caleb (Cal) Landry they find each other ever intending to soothe each other’s pains for one night.  When we meet Rosie it is at a bar on Valentine’s Day with penis wearing jeweled women.  There are bachelorettes, to begrudged scorned women out there ready to have fun and drink all kinds of mixed pink drinks.  Rosie is there nursing her one year old dumping from her ex-Vince who made her feel less than.  She was there with her friends Tash and Imo also teachers at the college.
     Tash and Imo being who they are the overly sexed of the three decided Vince needed to be banned from Rosie’s memory and she needed a new Valentine memory to take its place.  Rosie thinking they were nuts and drank her pink daiquiris, as they scoped out the place and told her, “She needed a hot shag against a wall guy-not a cheating asshole who moves in with you guy.”  Which a one night stand scared her she always got emotionally invested.
     Meet Cal Landry just flew in from the States and didn’t want to go home to his empty apartment.  He had moved to Europe 11 years ago from his small town near Buffalo in Upstate New York.  In fact that is where he just came in from after spending the last six days taking care of his father’s affairs.  Not to mention things that have haunted him.  Well, at least he tried to set those ghost to rest.  Now he just wanted his drunk on.  But he just walked into Valentine Penis Hell!
     When the most curvaceous beautiful woman comes over to talk.  Just her touch on his arm sends chills over his spin.  She gives him the dare her friends presented her with.  Meets it and challenges her with one of his own.
     These two have a sexual chemistry that can light a street lamp.  Is it enough to bring one night stand to something more?  Or did she have too much to drink that the gentleman in him let’s her off the hook?
     I enjoyed this story a lot.  Just when you wanted to feel sorry for the one dumped it gets turned around.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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