A SEAL'S TOUCH                                      TAWNY WEBER

Subject: Navy SEAL Taylor Powell

Mission: Find a sexy fake girlfriend…with even sexier benefits!

Lieutenant Taylor "The Wizard" Powell has a reputation for getting out of tricky situations. Bad guys, bombs, weapons—no problem. Finding a girlfriend in order to evade matchmaking friends? Not so easy. He's banking on contractor Cat Peres to help him out…not realizing his tomboy friend has a whole lot of sexy surprises hidden in her tool belt.

Cat can't remember a time when Taylor wasn't the object of her hottest dreams—so she can't help but agree to his plan. Their only rule? Friends, no matter what. Except the deliciously hot chemistry that ignites between them takes them both by surprise…and having nothing between them might just ruin everything.

First time reading this series and I must say I really enjoyed the story. LT. Taylor Powell a Navy Seal is back from a mission and during the get together at their local bar the wife’s and of some of his teammates want to set him up with a real date not the one night stands that he always brings around. While they are talking to him he says he is dating someone and after he leaves he now must come up with a date for the Saturday bon fire. Catrina Peres is a contractor and can run a crew of men, on a job site and take care of three job sites, not that she wants to her uncle who is supposed to help is always out and she feels like she is running the family construction company, but her uncle still is. The youngest of five girls she always followed her dad around from job to job, learning how to hammer, pour cement, etc. not what to wear on a date how to put on makeup, and she is glad that her sisters are making her mother a grandmother and are married because that takes the pressure off of her. Taylor and she have lived across the street from each other for ever and his mom and her mom are bff’s. Taylor comes home to his mom’s home on the person he finds is Cat, she is fixing a sink. This is the first time that he is seeing her as a woman and not as his best friend, he is surprised how beautiful she is but not shocked. He asks her to go to the bon fire with him Sat and she agrees. After being there awhile she does not like faking and not being honest with the people that she has meet. They end up kissing a few times and after he takes her home he shows up the next night after her work. He talks to her in taking their friendship to the next level and she agrees. Everything is going good for many weeks and then he is gone for a mission again for two weeks. When they get back the ladies call her to meet at a bar and she notices that he is off a little bit. During this time it comes up about the Navy Ball and if she was going. He does ask her and they are having a good time when part way through she notices a change in him. They leave and on the way home he turns into a—hole. The problem is he got pissed at a construction worker and she gives it right back both barrels, when she leaves the car he realizes that he mess up and he must fix it, but he has to fix himself first. Do they get back together and if so how does he do it? Read the book a good story. I got this book from netgalley. I give this 5 stars.  Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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