Living alone in the dusty apartment where he grew up, Ray Nelson is a mystery to his neighbors and an unbeatable foe to the brutal men he fights in the ring for money. But a life defined by sinister secrets doesn’t stop Ray from trying to do the right thing for his dangerously high-flying sister. Or for Natalie, the young girl living next door. As a sadistic murderer’s ominous white van trolls for young victims throughout the Windy City, Ray is determined to protect Natalie from both predators and a bleak future.

When she sees a bruised and beaten Ray return from late-night fights, Natalie spots a kindred spirit. Still, she cannot imagine the darkness just beneath, or what’s hidden in the rooms he calls home. Now, as the horrors of his own past creep back to life with a twisted vengeance, Ray may not even be able to save himself.

This is a dark and gritty story, but a very good one. Ray Nelson lives in the apartment that he grew up in and you are taken through his childhood through his memories which were not good. He now leaves at night and at least once a week goes to a ware house where fights in an underground fight ring. Taking on one to four opponents at a time with usually one arm tied behind his back. He looks scared and because of his size people are put off of him and scared. The one person who is not afraid of him is his neighbor Natalie. She looks out for him and he does the same for her. He also teaches her how to protect herself from the gangs around the neighborhood, and some of the people she has to watch for on her way to school. What they both don’t know is that Ray’s past is going to come back and destroy what at least he thought he had made, and had overcome. He and Natalie are both fighting for their lives, and the last part of this book is really what makes the story come together. You find yourself routing for them against the evil that has come back that he thought was dead. A good suspenseful book with what I thought was a surprise ending at least in my opinion. I got this book from netgalley. I give it 4 stars.  Follow us at:

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