Ball-busting businesswoman meets no-holds-barred cowboy. He’s gonna need a longer rope.

Marketing hotshot Monica Kaur has put her big-city life on hold to help bail out her brother’s failing business. Now she’s got three months to plan and promote a rodeo, the first her tiny hometown has ever seen.

To ensure the rodeo’s success, Monica enlists a local hero, a rancher’s son who’s made a name for himself on the bull-riding circuit. Problem? She can’t stop daydreaming about the cocky bastard—and all the things she longs to do to him out behind the chutes. 

Professional bullfighter Dean MacKinnon is home helping his family while his father fights cancer. Haunted by bad memories, jaded by love, Dean finds escape in a no-strings-attached go-round with brainy, sexy Monica, whose close-knit Sikh-American family would sooner run him out of town than see her with a notorious rodeo romeo.

In private, Monica and Dean play as hard as they work. But as the rodeo draws near, that clean break they promised each other is getting more and more hung up in the rigging.

Warning: Contains rope play, motel nooners, a blue-eyed charmer with a taste for kink, and a brown-eyed princess with a taste for cowboys.  

     Two worlds collide in a time where all things should be acceptable.  This love really should not by Monica Kaur’s family and religion.  Monica comes from the Indian Sikh-American community.  She’s part of the Singh family but the Sikh women adopt the Kaur name until they marry.  Her grandfather had moved to Merced, California in 1919, from India.  They saved money and bought a place outside of Oleander and has been farming grapes ever since.
     While she was living in Berkeley she found out the news.  She was beyond mad.  Her impulsive brother, Ravinder, had put in a bid on The Rambling Ranch Inn that had gone up for auction.  Her parents had borrowed against the farm to buy the inn and the thousand acres it sat on.   He got them to sink more money into it when she had run the numbers and they refused to listen.  Saying her brother had a dream.  But really what did she know?  She was the only one with the degree in marketing and a master’s in business for goodness sakes.  The inn by all rights needed to be torn down.
     So now she was meeting with Dean MacKinnon not just any cowboy.  She was getting ready to enter the bar owned by Tom Shelton who was going to be nice enough to do the introductions since Dean never seems to return calls or answers emails.  Tom is very excited about the idea Monica has planned to help her family raise money for their inn which in turn helps all the businesses in town.  A win-win situation. 
     Tom took her to the table the brothers were both at.  The men see her and both stand right up.  Monica gasps a reaction to two giant, handsome men.  Both are tanned, dusty, wearing jeans, boots, and long-sleeved button-down shirts.  Clark the taller of the two was cute, but the buff and bearded Dean looked even hotter than his rodeo photos online.  She smelled the warm leather, after shave, dirt, skin, and sweat.  Her celibate body was standing at attention.
     Tom made introductions the men tipped their hats but Dean shot Tom an annoyed look.  Monica spoke to Dean saying how he was hard to get ahold of.  He peered his bright blue eyes at her and said, “We’ve already had this conversation over the phone.  The answer’s the still no.”  After much discussion and Clark’s teasing and then she showed him the Webpage then he asked about the performances.  The problem he saw off the bat is that she had it scheduled between to major rodeos in the Central Valley and no one would save to come to some Podunk town.  She admitted what he was saying rang true but that is why she needed him.
     She started to stroke his ego, make an appearance. Let us put your name on the marquee.  You would be a great draw for attendees.  You’re a local legend.  Then the look of disgust was back.  Bullshit would not win him over so she spoke before he could.  Before saying yes or no let me show you the arena and get your take on it.  Please.  You’re the expert.  She really needed his thoughts.  Clark said go with her.  Outnumbered Dean pushed back his chair and stood.
     After looking over the site they sit under a tree discussing what he sees.  As their talking Dean starts to notice the difference between them and the color of her skin, her eyes and likes it.  As they talk the chemistry is there too.  Monica already knew she had a thing for Dean before she even met him just from all the research on him.  But that impact of meeting him was Wow!  The next thing she knows Dean leans over and kisses her.  All systems are a go.  They agree to another meeting to get stuff ready for the rodeo.  Meaning he was all in.
     Can two worlds meet in the middle?  Or will they have to sneak around?  In this day and age this seems unreal but when we know we do what we need to do.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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