PLAYING FOR KICKS                            KATE DONOVAN

Sean Decker takes pride in his reputation as the best kicker in the league. His other reputation—for falling in love with every girl he meets—is more of an urban legend. Sure, he likes women, but he just wants to meet a nice one and settle down, especially since his latest hookup has gone all kinds of wrong. If he can just extricate himself from that suffocating mess, he swears to learn from it. And when he meets the blend of fresh air and independence that is Tess Colby, he knows she’s the one to help him. 

Tess has no interest in being Sean’s latest conquest. Not only has she heard the rumors, but she’s focused on making the jump from bartender to sportswriter. In exchange for an interview, she’s willing to give him the same in-depth advice she always gives brokenhearted guys across the bar. But date him? No way. 

Sean claims he doesn’t want to date. Just hang out. Although for some reason, his definition of hanging out includes kissing. It’s fun, but Tess knows she needs to stay strong. Not just for her own sake, but maybe for the kicker’s, too. 

     Tess Colby is a breath of fresh air to everyone she meets.  She’s no slacker either.  This lady went to the University of Hawaii where she majored in Philosophy yet she doesn’t see it as any big deal.  Now she is not only considered one of the best bartenders around just ask anyone at the sports bar where she’s worked for the last three years.  Her personality helped it grow from a modest little bar to a thriving hot spot where the local guy-and celebrities can rub elbows together and hang out.
     While working there she turned her journalism skills into some good use by writing bartending books.  As she says they are meant mostly for other bartenders very tongue-in-cheek.  She says she got lucky some big bartending schools have included them on their reading lists.
     She’s mow going to soon be moving on to hopefully be writing as a sports journalist.  She just needed a meaty enough story that got a good amount of people reading it.  Then she could write full time.  So when she mentioned her idea of sports celebrities and product endorsements this is what the angle would be…
     “Does the celebrity who endorses actually use that product?”  Once her editor heard it he contacted his friend a sports agent for help.  Mr. Murphy put her in contact with Johnny Spurling, Mr. Quarterback himself and his wife actually new bride Erica McCall.  The Holy Grail or interviews.  Score!  He is also the rep for Alexi Romanov who she will interview in a few weeks.
     During the first interview which is with Erica who she hits it off with, she gets another lead and possible connection to Sean Decker, the team’s kicker and both Johnny and Erica’s best friend.  While she is there Tess helps Erica out with a catch phrase for an ad in turn Erica gives her a second idea for a future article to write about.  The ladies are getting along so well Erica invites Tess over for dinner to meet and interview not only her but Johnny and Sean.  At first Tess’s hairs on the back of her neck go up because Erica seems to be over selling Sean.  But Erica reassures her that Sean is dating to someone already.  So Tess accepts.   
     Once Tess leaves and Erica has collected her messages she sits and plots how to not get tripped up on her plan on Friday night.  For a fact she is trying to get Sean to notice Tess.  To yes for sure to break up with his fiancĂ©e.  Not that she doesn’t like her because she does, just not for Sean.  Too much drama.  She is sucking the life out of him.  If he figures out the fix up he will dig in his hills with his intended and then there would be no turning back.
     I really enjoyed this book a lot.  I totally enjoyed this author’s flair for writing.  She has a way of totally investing you into each one of the character’s lives.  Tess is any guy’s total dream.  Totally into watching sports, going to sporting events, and is a bartender.  Yet, so much more.  She’s a free spirit, with a family of overachievers. Who she chooses not to be.  She’s not looking for a guy just falls into friends due to her humor and her outwardly personality.

     You will find yourself wanting to know more about the other characters.  This was not the first book I’ve read from this author and it won’t be the last.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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