SHATTERED HEART #3                             DOROTHY F. SHAW

A crush is just a fantasy. The real thing packs some serious heat.

The Donnellys, Book 3

When Cynthia Donnelly lays eyes on her high school crush at her brother’s wedding rehearsal, she regrets her self-imposed, one-year moratorium on dating. If possible, he’s even hotter now than when they were teens.

Back in school, Shane made a point to ignore his best friend’s cute, sassy little sister. Now that she’s grown into an incredibly sexy woman full of Irish spunk, resisting her is out of the question. Besides, in his book, all “hands-off” rules have expired.

One sizzling night together should have been enough. Instead, the heat rises, tempting Cyn to take a chance on a long-distance relationship and making Shane consider pulling up stakes and moving back to L.A.

Cyn’s recently dumped ex, however, has other ideas. His quest to get her back escalates into violence, shattering Cyn’s faith in herself, and in anyone else of the male persuasion, and leaving Shane with his work cut out for him to repair the damage—or lose his shot at a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Warning: This book contains a physical assault. Buckle up for a bumpy emotional journey with the characters as they fall apart and then slowly find their way to healing, and to each other. You might get angry or tearful along the way, you may even get frustrated, but as is with any good love story, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Cynthia Donnelly has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend and has made a pact to not date any man for a year. Her plan seems good until she goes to meet her brother’s groomsmen from the bachelor party, he is getting married Saturday, and the one man she was not expecting to see was Shane. She had a crush on him from grade school through high school and for even a year after he left for the Marines. She was not expecting him, and he was not expecting her to look like she did either. Always his best friends little sister she was now a good looking women that was making parts of him now he was a man. After they danced she decided to not start her yearlong away from men at least while Shane was in town, for that cannot be for too long because he has a business in Texas and he has always stayed away from California because of his mother. The passion that they have is making him think about staying longer and he is realizing that he is in love with her, but then she gets assaulted by her ex and though he came in time to stop it she is totally affected by it and because angry, hurt, frustrated, and really the only person she can take it out is him. When it finale’s blows up she tells him to leave and to make sure he leaves she tells him words that she knows will make him leave. Which he does but she is pissed. She then gets more upset when she finds out that he went back to Texas without saying goodbye. Finally she starts counselling and after about a month she is thinking I should go to Texas and get my man. She has a meeting with her sisters and sister in law, to see what they think. I will not tell you the ending but it is not as what I thought it was going to be. This book has a lot of sexual scenes, but you do know they care for one another. I differently could relate with Shane and his relationship with his mother. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I give this 5 stars.  Follow us at: 

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