STRIPPED DOWN                                   ANNE MARSH

“I warned her once—I don’t give warnings twice—that if she ever came back when she was grown up, she’d be mine. She flipped me off and told me I wasn’t the boss of her. She was playing with fire and she knew it, but she also thought she was safe. Off-limits. Taboo. She hadn’t figured out that the only rules I played by were my own.” ~ Angel Mendoza

When I come home to Lonesome, California, I’m expecting to inherit a house and a fresh start on my crappy life—not a hard-eyed cowboy. Angel Mendoza is more devil than saint. He’s also my former stepbrother, richer than God, and a sexy asshole to boot. I have no business wanting to get close to him. He’s got a few plans of his own, too—like getting into my bed and my body. Heart optional.

Angel’s need for total control in bed shocks and thrills me, but giving in and letting go isn’t easy. Despite everything he owns—the land, the vast wealth, the loyal cowboys who run his cattle—Angel is tormented by demons. He’ll give me his body, but never his secrets… or his heart.

This story opens up with Angel Mendoza trying to figure out how to get more water out of the wells he has on their land since quite a few of them a drying up because of the drought. On his way home he notices someone swimming is in his water hole and he figures out that it is Rose. She is all grown up since the last time he saw her and she now has tattoos over most of her body. She is on her way to a reality she show for tattoo artists. She comes back months later after being off the show and not winning. She is attracted to Angel and he is to her but they are at odds with each other. Until he finally makes his move. When he does she goes along with him except for being tied up. This is explained later in the story. She also is actually more in control of him than he is of her he just does not know it. When she leaves again she comes back with the idea of making a house she has inherited along with Angel her new tattoo parlor. He wants the land because he needs the natural well that sits under the house. This is an interesting story with a lot of emotion from both of the main characters and both of them dealing with their pasts. I also liked the supporting characters as well. A good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave this book 4 stars. Follow us at 

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