TEXAS HUSTLE                                       CYNTHIA D' ALBA

They’re different as night and day…but it’s the right time for love.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 6

Porchia Summers was born into a family who gave her everything except affection. She acted out until her parents sent her to Whispering Springs before their high-society friends found out about her arrest record.

She builds a good life in Texas, but then the old boyfriend who got her in trouble tracks her down. Desperate to find a way to keep her past and present separate, she places a bid at a bachelor auction on the one man who’ll get her out of town for a few days.
Darren Montgomery is thrilled when Porchia wins him and a week of camping with his entire family in a charity bachelor auction. He’s also curious. He’s been flirting with the town’s sweet, sexy baker for years. Sometimes she flirts back, but she’s never let things go further than that. Darren’s not complaining, but he wonders just what’s going on behind Porchia’s pretty eyes.

Warning: Watch out for chigger bites, love bites, and secrets that bite.

Porchia Summers owns a bakery in Whispering Springs Texas. She is really from Atlanta, but no one knows this. They also don’t know that her father is a judge and her mother of course is on every socialite committee in Atlanta, but they had her shipped off to her father’s mother after her freshman year in high school because she was in the car that was involved in an accident that killed someone. She was not drinking, or driving, but because she was in the car her parents felt that she needed to be sent away because of her father’s career. That was the story. She stayed away and created a life for herself in this town. The only thing she did not do was date. Darren Montgomery who is four years younger has been asking her but she has been turning him down. One day she notices a new customer and it turns out to be the person that was driving the car and who was put in jail, prison. He is now out and he tracked her down and figures that she owes him money. Don’t know how he came up with that one but he is beginning to bully her when Darren walks in and puts an end to that. Instead of calling the police she tries to handle it herself. Later that night when she is at a charity auction for single men she ends up winning the bid on Darren. There date is to spend time with his family for a week at their camp in the mountains. Instead of cancelling like Darren thinks she decides to go. During this week she gets close to his sister and mother and then decides to go for it with Darren. When everything's going good or at least she thinks. The sheriff comes up and tells her that her shop burnt down. Knowing or thinking who did it she now comes clean with the sheriff and with Darrin. She also decides to go to Atlanta to try to fix the relationship with her parents. After almost two weeks there and not really having a good time Darren shows up, and is surprised at the size of the house, her name is different, and these people are not really that pleasant. He tells her before he leaves that he will only wait for a short while when he gets back for and it is up for her to decide what to do. She does not wait and leaves with him. This is not the end of the book. There is more and you must read to find out what happens to the guy who burns down her bakery. A very good story, full of passion and some funny moments as well. I got this book from netgalley.com.  I give this 4 stars.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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