Kristen Collins is cursed. It’s the only explanation for this recent run of catastrophes. She’s lost her brand-new car and a winning lottery ticket, and her ex-boyfriend just drove off with all her possessions. She’s even lost the empty office that’s been her lunchtime sanctuary. Plus, the new hire who’s taken it over is precisely the kind of impending heartache she knows to avoid, from his intense gaze to that irresistible crooked smile.

Developer Aiden Scott plans to stay at the Denver architecture firm just long enough to prime it for takeover. A job like his can’t get personal. Yet from the moment he collides with Kristen, he’s smitten. He wants to save the stunning interior designer from every crazy scenario she winds up in. But who’s going to save him when his business agenda shatters Kristen’s trust?

Turns out, love’s a lot like luck. You don’t know just how good you have it until you stand to lose it all.

     Kristen Collins life was upside down if you looked at it through her eyes.  It all started if you listen to her when she was dating a guy who skipped his sister’s birthday party to take her out.  The sister tracked them down and was so mad and jealous he chose her over his sister’s birthday party she cursed her.  Since his sister was a practicing witch and member of Wicca she believed it may be possible.
     Kristen never thought she believed in that type of stuff but when her luck had taken a turn for the worse, well?  She has started to think otherwise.  One or two things okay, but man she can’t count on one hand anymore.  She was starting to think she was cursed. 
     Let’s see, her ex stole every single thing out of her apartment, her most cherished empty office space at work to eat her lunch so no one would disturb her was taken over by a sexy man.  No, this week not looking much better.  Now she is told said man, Aiden Scott, will be working closely with everyone to get a handle on things he’s new.  Yet, she has no clue as to what he does for the company.  Which is odd since the two owners that she calls by their first names never mentioned anything.  So, she is wondering what his end game is.
     Aiden finds himself instantly attracted to her.  Which he finds a total odd experience since she is not his type at all.  He usually goes for the blonde bombshells.  Yet, he finds her beyond sexy.  That he can’t stop thinking about her.  He too knows the owners and has been asked to come in undercover and observe to see what he thinks about their business within.  The hopes are that he will take them over so that they both can retire.
     As for Kristen she is in a holding pattern when it comes to men and Aiden is for sure not her type.  Which by accident Aiden hears her mention to one of her co-workers on his first day at work.  Which only makes him more determined to get to know her to find out her type.  Well, when she thinks of her type she realizes the blonde hair, blue eyes, laid back, surfer dude has not been and ideal type for her.  So, making a changeup could work.  Just not now, right?
     This was a cute story the author takes Kristen through some fun experiences that Aiden has the pleasure of helping her out of.  A story of learning to trust yourself and to never pigeonhole yourself when looking for Mr. Right.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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