Some men are too good to resist.
But are they too good to be true?

In The Billionaire Cowboy, Ryder is a rough-riding cattle baron. When a gorgeous, feisty veterinarian arrives at the ranch, he meets the one spirit he can’t tame. And now he will do anything to show her what he’s really made of…

Dallas Cowboy Jase is a pro at charming women, including the hot waitress he meets in The Billion Dollar Player. But when their passionate encounter inspires Jase to do better on the field, he can’t help but wonder: Are his days as a player numbered?

Rock star Luke has enough money and groupies to last forever. But when his wild life wears him down, he goes home in search of the one woman who’s ever meant anything to him. But will she see past his fame and love him for who he really is in Rocked by the Billionaire?

In The Billionaire Sheriff, Noah pulls shifts in the police department. He doesn’t need the money, but he wants to make a contribution. So when beautiful bar owner Naomi lands in trouble, Noah is eager to help her out...and offer protection in his strong, loving arms…

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The Billionaire Cowboy:
     I enjoyed this story of this strong sassy Vet, Lara Montgomery, who was not going to allow this wealthy cowboy rancher, Ryder Blackwell, to get what he wanted mainly her.  At least not without a fight.  The issue was that being a small town nothing was a secret especially his sexcapades.    
     The story has it that he only did one night stands but that he knew how to pleasure a woman beyond measure.  They also told that when it came to his own enjoyment well…
     So, Lara didn’t want to be another notch on his belt.  Every time he asked her out she turned him down.  He was jonesing bad for her.  She was all he could think about.  Most women he ran from because they were always chasing him for his money.  But not Lara she seemed to careless about him or his money for that matter.  She ran from him.  When he steals something out from under her she is fighting mad.  See how things play out.  I give this story 4 stars.

The Billionaire Sheriff:
     I have to say for me out of all the four of the books in this series this was the one that was the least interesting for me.  It started out okay with Naomi Davis the owner of the local bar/BBQ joint.  In the small town of Sanger, Texas.  She was new to town six months.  She is originally from Dallas.
     The local sheriff is also from Dallas but they have never met since they both came from the opposite sides of the street. 
They totally ran in different circles.  He’s always been looked at as the good guy/nice guy.  So, when you add him being quiet and shy well he is really not a chick magnet.
     So when Naomi opens her BBQ joint he had to try it since it is one of his favorite foods ever.  It was the grey eyed, chestnut hair, edgy and sexy woman who owned the place that kept him coming back.  But he knew she had a quiet and dark side.  With secrets hid behind her smoky eyes.  It didn’t stop him though from coming in every day.  In fact, they had become pretty good friends.  Since he could get up the nerve to ask her out.  See if he can finally work it into the conversation or if months will go by.  I give this 3 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:

I had already read all the other stories in this package deal that you will be getting in this one book.  So, this is a great deal over all.  When you look at the books and the stars I gave the books already read and these two and average them out the overall stars would be… 4 stars 

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