The Untold Story of the Extraordinary Alliance That Forged Our Nation and the Unlikely Duo Behind It: George Washington & Alexander Hamilton

In the wake of the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers faced a daunting task: overcome their competing visions to build a new nation, the likes of which the world had never seen. As hostile debates raged over how to protect their new hard-won freedoms, two men formed an improbable partnership that would launch the fledgling United States: George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

Washington and Hamilton chronicles the unlikely collaboration between these two conflicting characters at the heart of our national narrative: Washington, the indispensable general devoted to classical virtues, and Hamilton, an ambitious officer and lawyer eager for fame of the noblest kind.

Working together, they laid the groundwork for the institutions that govern the United States to this day and protected each other from bitter attacks from Jefferson and Madison, who considered their policies a betrayal of the republican ideals they had fought for.

Yet while Washington and Hamilton's different personalities often led to fruitful collaboration, their conflicting ideals also tested the boundaries of their relationship--and threatened the future of the new republic.

From the rumblings of the American Revolution through the fractious Constitutional Convention and America's turbulent first years, this captivating history reveals the stunning impact of this unlikely duo that set the United States on the path to becoming a superpower.

This is an excellent book about the history of our country and about two of the men that helped to shape it. The book starts with an overview of each of their early lives that leads up to the Revolution. Takes you through each of their battles and then to the meeting and finally to Washington bringing Hamilton onto his staff. Early on you can see that Hamilton does not shy away from telling people what is on his mind and some times that gets him into trouble. That would be the story for the rest of his life, Washington liking his passion always trying to calm him down and get him to slow down before he would speak. Even when Washington sent Hamilton home he brought him back for the final charge to end the war. You get to see just how much of a fight it was to build the foundation of this country and how some of the men that were the ones that they were fighting in those meetings they would continue to fight with until they passed. You get see the workings of Washington’s cabinet and how Jefferson was a constant force of disruption and how he attacked both Hamilton and Washington. From an historical point of view I am glad some of these things were brought about because some of the arguments he had against both of those men he did himself when he was President and all people remember is the land purchase and not how he did not go to congress first, but when Washington was running the government he was all against everything he did saying he was circumventing the Constitution. I thought that each man was portrayed fairly for their pluses and minuses. Overall a very good book about the beginnings of our country. I got this book from netgalley. I gave this book 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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