YOU AND ONLY YOU                            SHARON SALA

Welcome to Book One in the Blessings, Georgia series of Southern contemporary romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sharon Sala. With the support of her handsome, unassuming friend Mike Dalton, LilyAnne Bronte is finally ready to put the past in the past.

It's never too late
Mike Dalton has secretly loved LilyAnn Bronte since they were all children together in the small town of Blessings, Georgia. But one fateful day T.J. Lachlan roars into town and starts showering LilyAnn with his charm, and Mike feels his dream of them being more than friends slipping away.

To find the love you missed
LilyAnn, as anyone in Blessings will tell you, let herself go after her fiancee was killed in Iraq. The attention of the handsome new guy shocks her into a revelation: she's ready to live again, and maybe the best is yet to come. The thing is, everybody in Blessings is sure it's Mike and LilyAnn who belong together-and they're willing to do whatever it takes to make LilyAnn realize the love of her life has been by her side all along.
(Originally published as The Curl Up and Dye.)

     When we’re young and fall in love there are so many things that can make every moment and event surrounding it earth shattering.  Which is the case for LilyAnn Bronte.  You see she was the girl that won everything like contest and pageants.  Was the head cheerleader and homecoming queen.  You get the point so when she wasn’t it was odd.  Well, when she fell for the football star Randy Joe who was bragging to all the guys that he was going to get to first base with her it was killing her best friend Mike Dalton.  You see Mike had a crush on Lily since junior high school.  They had lived next door to each other since before they were born.
     Randy Joe did date Lily for a year but he did brag about everything they did.  So, when 911 hit in New York like a lot of men he enlisted.  Lily cried her eyes out.  Then, since he was going off to war he got her to sleep with him finally before he left saying who knew what could happen.  And well it did.  Randy Joe came home a fallen soldier.  Lily quit college and wore black and visited the grave every day for a full year. 
     Everyone said oh she is just the sweet girl that was left behind and she is grieving but each year it became less and less that she would visit.  But her grief and depression never lessened and people just started feeling sorry for her just because she couldn’t shake it and she let herself go.  She had gained weight and was dressing not so good.  Mike tried everything as her friend to snap her out of it.  But she never saw him and he was right in front of her.  She didn’t even she how beautiful she herself was.  When he would tell her she would think he was lying to her.  She would refer to her weight and he didn’t see it even being the owner of a fitness center.  He was in love with her not her shell.  They did everything together.  He was to insecure to tell her how he felt so he just kept it how it was, friends. 
     Then one day a hot rod truck rolls into town just like the one that Randy Joe used to have and a spark of memory takes form.  Remembering what lust felt like then she knew it was time for a change.  But how?  Where would she go from there?  She wanted to start dating again.  But Mike saw it differently he saw it as her want another man…

     Totally enjoyed this emotional at times story that makes your eyes water.  There are some very tense moments with domestic violence/rape scenes so prepare yourself.  But the way the author handled it and the outcome was very well handled and she not only used your emotions but humor to get you through.  The characters as a whole are funny as hell being Southern.  I just loved it.  5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at: 

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