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Julia O’Brien is a practical woman. A nurse and midwife, she was perhaps the most surprised when she fell in love with Dr. Matthew Reynolds and agreed to be his mail order bride. She sets off for Tombstone carrying his letters and a heart full of hope.

Dr. Matthew Reynolds didn’t want a wife, and is shocked when Julia arrives on his door step with a marriage license bearing his signature. He discovers that his grandfather has wooed the young woman without his knowledge, and made promises in his name without permission. An annulment seems to be the easy answer, but Julia has nowhere to go. Now, his unwanted wife is sleeping in his house, working with him at his clinic, and generally driving him to distraction.

When a call comes in from a desperate young mother, Julia handles the call alone. The young woman gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, but does not survive childbirth. Suddenly, Matthew is faced with a new choice, not only does he have a beautiful and caring wife, but a precious new daughter to fill his empty life. But Julia is not willing to accept less than his whole heart, and when the young infant’s father attempts to steal her away, Matthew will have to move heaven and earth to convince the woman he has grown to love that he can be what she needs.

How many of you have someone who loves you say, “I did it for your own good.”  When in reality you’re thinking no you did it for yours.  Yet, in some cases it can ring true especially if you are the type of person who could not get out of his own way due to fear.  Enter Dr. Matthew Reynolds.  So Walt his grandfather, who raised him and his 3 brothers, decided to take matters into his own hands.
     Turns out Walt was acting on Matt’s behalf by getting and marrying by proxy a woman from New York, Julia O’Brien.  She was the closes thing to perfect for Matt.  As they wrote each other back and forth over 6 months he found out that not only did she want to be married and have children which to Walt was important, but she was a nurse and midwife.  So she wanted to help Matt out at the office plus start her own clinic for women.  Not to mention over the course of the 6 months she had fallen in love already.
     Well, wasn’t she in for a surprise?  For when she arrived no one was there to meet her.  Then since she had taken the coach with Ben a wealthy businessman and friend of Matt’s she asked his assistance.  When Walt all of a sudden showed up saying Matt was out on a call and he would be taking her to his home for him to help get her settled.  He takes her to the house/clinic where after unpacking she falls asleep.  When Matt comes home to find her asleep on his bed late at night he is not happy.  Matt is pissed at Walt and feels cornered like an animal. 
     She explains the whole story as she knows it.  He says he will get it annulled and she says fine but that he will have to pay to have her stay at the hotel until she finds a job and housing that she can afford once she finds a job.  He is not too happy about that for it can get expensive she says not her problem he signed he pays not her problem he didn’t read what he signed.  She says or you can rent me the spare bedroom, I see patients, and help at the office organizing you and get 25% or your pay.  That’s how they started negotiations to see if he would like her and keep her.
     At some point I found myself saying, “Enough Matt Out!” Then Julia was just sassy enough as a character to get me to keep reading.  Other than that…I give this 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:


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