RISKING IT ALL                                CHRISTI BARTH

Who doesn’t love Naked Men? In Christi Barth’s irresistible series, a group of close-knit friends talk out their problems with naked honesty on a popular blog. Bonded by a high-school tragedy, they’re moving on from the past—and fighting for the future with strong and sassy women.

Griffin Montgomery helps people. As a teenager, he kept his best friends alive after their soccer team’s bus crashed in the Alps. Now, as a Coast Guard search and rescue pilot, he saves lives with reckless abandon—until he goes too far and earns a lengthy suspension. Working on the Naked Men projects keeps his mind busy, but Griff’s itching to get back in the action. That’s when he finds his latest rescue mission: a pretty wallflower who’s stuck in her comfort zone.

Chloe Widmore doesn’t take risks. As a professional letter writer, she gets enough excitement out of expressing other people’s emotions. So when the hottest man she’s ever seen invades her coffee shop, Chloe surprises herself with how much she wants to be with him. Routines make her feel safe. Griff makes her deliciously unsafe, in so many ways. But falling for him is one risk she might just have to take . . . whether she’s ready or not.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

     There are certain things in our lives that can either build our character to heights that soar or pull us down so far that we can no longer grow and experience new things.  Then there is what we happily know as a “five shades of grey.”
     Well not for Chloe Widmore and she has led herself to believe that she is perfectly okay with her daily routine that never changes.  Because you see her mom and family suffered a few tragic events that her mom needs them in her corner which Chloe is happy to give.  So she treats herself in other ways.  Instead of traveling she writes letters.  In fact she is a professional letter writer.   Plus she loves to cook the food from those countries that one day she hopes to visit so she does cooking lessons until then.  She enjoys reading all she can about those places so she is in different book clubs.
     Since she works from home she can move her home office to different place around town to get a change of scenery.   One of those places is Busboys and Poets a local coffee shop.  Where on this day a local celebrity comes in and the whole place stands, applause, and cheers.  And the ladies knitting club that she has become friendly with start primping.  So he must be a big wig.
     Griffin Montgomery a pilot with the Coast Guard Search and Rescue in D.C. has walked into his local coffee shop.  When all of a sudden the place breaks out in applause and the place all standing and cheering.  Griff feels totally uncomfortable and walks to the seating area and walks to the seating area and right up to Chloe. He says something along the lines of not seeing her clapping and cheering for him.  Before she could say anything he tells her thanks for that.
     As he pauses it gave Chloe a second a minute to remember what a lady from the knitting club had said, he heroically battled a storm to rescue a family.  He saved a family one of us.  Without a moment’s notice or thought to his own safety.  “Why he asked?”  He said he hated the attention and it was wrong and unnecessary.  When he was just doing his job. I don’t want spotlighting or labels. I just want to save lives. But this guy was nothing like the real heroes that she had been on the receiving end of their care and heroism.  They knew that lives-all lives-were rare and precious. This guy though had risked his crew’s life.  That didn’t somehow to her scream hero “Big Ego” more like it, God Complex, and a side of dangerous competitiveness on the side.  But he was cute so she would give him a chance to hear his side.  “Do you believe that yet?”  Is kind of what she asked.
     He pulled out a chair and sat and asked, “But not you?”  She told him she’s, “I am not a Doctor, but anyone chasing something or running from it.  Am I right?”  No!  He said, “Did you put your entire crew at risk for three women?” His clay mask appeared diverting the question.  Finally, she said don’t make me search for the newscast on YouTube.  Just tell me what happened.”  He couldn’t believe she didn’t know.
     From there a banter started that was so sexy and sexually heated it didn’t seem real to Chloe.  Plain yoga pants, hoodie, letter writing, Chloe.  But beyond her comprehension he was flirting with her until…

     This was such an interesting story of two survivors who have to take a journey to living.  They had made great strides on their own but as a team a true couple they were able to climb a mountain of fear and pain.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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