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Last night the Warriors set a new record for most wins in a season with 73 wins and only 9 losses. Also Steph Curry made 402 three point shots that also is a new record and Curry had held the record with 286 three point shots just last year.  He was 47 for 92 between 28 and 47 feet that is just amazing. Now 16 more wins and they will repeat as NBA Champions.                                                                                                              

Last night was also Kobe’s last game and he scored 60 points on 50 shots as the Lakers came from behind to win the game. His game with over 50 points since 2009 he also became the oldest player to score 50 or more in a game. I t is also his most points since 2009 against the Knicks when he scored 61. He finished his career with 33,643 points. Along with 5 Championships. 


  1. the hockey playoffs started and watching the Capitols beat the Flyers, they really beat them up physically. It was not until Simmons for the Flyers came out and actually fought with someone that the Flyers gat or tired to physically. I f they don't change the series is going to be over quickly.

  2. I felt bad for Jordan Spieth on Sunday i don't think choked as he hit first over thought the shot and he hit some bad shots. Even before that he looked like he was not swinging with confidence or fallow through and i think it was bad technique more than anything. I could be wrong but i hope not he is only 22.

  3. Well the Rams sure went all in for a quarterback. will be interesting to see who the draft. Also who the Titans pick with the extra picks they got not needing a QB, just player around him on both sides of the ball. They do need to get someone to protect him though. Just a few more weeks until the draft .

  4. was sad about the shooting death of Will Smith and his wife was shot twice also once in each leg and the man who did the shooting is saying Smith was the aggressor but had multiple shots in his back. I don't know but it does not seem like he was the aggressor.


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