Sabotaged by scandal, basketball coach Greg Miller can't find work in the men's division. Humble and defeated, he takes a job as an assistant coach for a women’s college team. Deciding that he's going to make the best of it and clear his name of any wrongdoing, Greg sets out to make a difference and prove himself to everyone who doubted him. 

When circumstances arise and a valuable player needs some help, the coach begins working alongside elegant and determined academic advisor Ciara Monaghan. Soon, Greg finds he needs more than just a victory on the court. 

Disgusted by his immoral reputation, Ciara steers clear of the basketball coach's full court press. However, as they are forced together and the truth comes out, Ciara realizes there is more to Greg than she ever realized. 

With the season coming to an end and the clock running out, will one of them take the shot and finally change the game?

Greg Miller was an assistant basketball coach for a major college men’s program when the entire staff was fired for a scandal involving grades and not going to classes. After two years the NCAA has cleared him of any wrong doing but he is not able to get any basketball job because of his association with the program. Plus people think was guilty. Now a friend of his who is the head coach for a women’s team in a small school league offers him a job. She could only get it for one year but he is grateful none the less. He feels good to be back. Though he does not know much about the Women’s game and has been studying up. No sooner than he gets to the school that he runs into the first person who does not want him there and thinks he is a cheater. She is the academic advisor, her name is Ciara. When they first met sparks fly both physically, and verbally. It stays this way for a while until she sees that he really is good at coaching, and he finds out that she was a former player for that same school. As you can imagine they begin to date and are actually liking one another, but as the half way point of the season passes he must start to look for a job for next year because the school board won’t tell the head coach if she can rehire him. Once Ciara finds she blows her top and not realizing that he wants to she breaks up with him. Now he must find a way to fix things as the team heads into the playoffs and championship. A good entertaining story with excellent characters. I got this book from Netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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