RAVEL                          SHARI J. RYAN

At twenty-three, I’m left with a decision. The outcome could be life or death.

Trent hit me once, and I cried. Then he hit me again. And again. After a while, I got used to it, as I slept on the floor beside his bed, night after night.

Everyone told me to leave him, but I can't. He won't let me. 

The moment I wanted to give up on myself and any form of hope, Kemper—a tall, sexy Marine just home from Afghanistan walked into my bar. With one look in his eyes, I saw pain that mirrored my own.

At first, I thought maybe he would be my prince charming, riding in to save me, but all it took was one tragedy for me to remember…fairy tales don’t exist in real life.

*The content in this book discusses domestic violence and is suitable for readers over 18.*

This was a very powerful book about two people going through two emotional events or trials. Daphne works in a bar and for the most part that is her only time to herself. She is in a verbal and physical abusive relationship and at times wonders how she got into it in the first place by looking back on her life through her journal. Kemper is a Marine just back from another tour and dealing with the loss of his best friend. They shared an apartment together but now he can’t go there because all he does is think about him. Kemper meets Daphne at the bar and he is sitting by himself and not with the other Marines. When she asks him what is wrong and he tells her instead of saying sorry she lifts a mug and offers a toast or salute to his fallen friend, bother in arms. This touches him and a connection is made between them. He helps her the rest of the night and when they leave she is dreading going home more. Once there the nightmare begins and she ends up sleeping on the floor like every night. Wanting to leave but afraid. The next day Kemper is back and helps her with opening the bar and by the third day the guy she is with comes into the bar trying to get her to go home but the Marines Kempner’s friends step in to get rid of him. She goes outside to talk to him and he hits her and by the time Kemper gets out there he is in his car driving off. This begins the time when her life begins to change and she is drawing on the strength he has to leave. He is also wanting to be with her but goes AWOL for a couple of days for his friend’s funeral and dealing or not dealing with having to clean out the apartment they share. They both want to be together but he feels it is not right because he might get redeployed and he does not want to get her hopes up. He soon realizes that he needs her as much as she needs him, and they decide to become a couple and date. When no sooner he has to redeploy in 4 weeks. Now they don’t know what to do but what they come up with is good. This is a story of two people helping each other and being there for one another, and though they are always working on something they come together as a couple, and have found strength through each other. A good story with a lot of emotion and there are scenes of her being abused, and of him seeing how his buddy was killed, so be aware. A good book. I got this book from Netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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