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NOT FOR A MOMENT by Toni J Strawn
It doesn’t matter who started it—only who ends up on top.
Jess Langford wants nothing more than to live her own life. But a horrific accident she had a few years ago left her with…issues. And an overprotective brother who thwarts her every attempt at independence. Secretly moving out of her college dorm, she celebrates her newfound freedom with a one-night stand with a man she thinks she recognizes. It’s only in the light of the following morning she discovers the truth. It’s someone with the power and connections to send her right back to the prison she just escaped.
Physiotherapy consultant Van Sheffield knows exactly who Jess is. Stubborn. Rebellious. Trouble with a capital T. In other words, the perfect candidate for his innovative rehabilitation program. Loving her spark, the energy that makes her pick herself up every time she falls, Van sets out to do whatever it takes to harness Jess’s strength of will. But he wasn’t expecting her to push him so close to the edge of his control…or so close to losing his heart.
Warning: Contains a feisty lady with a stubborn streak a mile wide, and a man who knows how to deal with a certain pain in the butt.

Book Reviews

“I'm in love with this series that takes a single, hot, wall pounding one night stand and develops it into a sweet (yet totally erotic) HEA.” The Romance Reviews

“The characters are bold and loud and in your face but they keep you on your toes. I couldn’t put it down. The sex scenes are hot so bring a fan. I give this 5++++ stars. Char at on Momentary Lapse
Author Bio

Toni J Strawn is the author of the super-spicy contemporary One Moment romance novels, which currently include Moment of Weakness, Momentary Lapse and Not for a Moment. These can be read on their own, or as a trilogy.

Toni loves everything romance. Hot, bad, crazy, out-of-control romance. In the One Moment series Toni sets up her characters for the ultimate stand, before turning it into happily ever after—no matter how much they have been through. Because everyone deserves to find love. Right?

While not locked away in her Romansion—a tiny writing shed at the bottom of the garden—Toni can be found with super-hubby Chris and the kids, or feeding her addiction to reading…you guessed it…romance ©

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Excerpt from Not for a Moment

“Did you see him?”
“Him!” Jess pointed toward the front door, straining to make herself heard above the thump-boom-thump of the stereo.
Her friend, Tash, looked around in confusion. She leaned close and yelled in Jess’s ear.
“Which him?”
Jess swept her gaze back over the crowd. Damn it. She’d lost him again.
“Don’t worry,” she muttered.
Who were all these people anyway? When her new housemates had suggested a party,
Jess hadn’t envisaged this heaving throng. They were the only people she knew apart from the one standing beside her…and potentially the good-looking guy who’d just slipped in through the front door.
Jess had definitely seen him before. She lifted onto her toes for a better look and her leg protested with a painful twinge. She ignored the ache in pursuit of another eyeful of the lean, handsome man who seemed so familiar.
Where the hell did she know him from?
In the smoky light of her jam-packed living room, his short, curling hair appeared black, although Jess knew it was brown—a dark, lustrous brown that was the perfect complement to his clean good looks. She wasn’t sure why she was so certain, but she was. No one forgot a face like that.
“I don’t know which one you mean.” Tash tugged on her arm and pulled Jess back onto her heels.
“I think I must have—” Jess was going to say mistaken him when he turned, his dark chocolate gaze skimming the crowd like a stone flicking across choppy water. Straight to Jess. Her breath caught as his eyes clashed with hers, a grin curving his lips to transform her mystery man from person of interest to haul-me-down-on-the-floor sexy.
Then he disappeared into the kitchen.
Jess wiped sweaty palms along her pants. She glanced down, wishing she’d worn something sexier than jeans and a Princess Bubblegum T-shirt. But then, the seventies-style house was hardly a backdrop for high fashion. The faded d├ęcor was original, left over from Mike’s grandparent’s days. The flooring—what you could see of it—was a swirling pattern of poo brown and green. Haute de carpet, it was not.
“So, do you think Cole will like your new living arrangements?” As if following her thoughts, Tash dug Jess in the ribs.
“He’ll love it.” Jess grinned through her uneasiness, well aware of what her brother would think.
Above the noisy din, she didn’t miss the sound of her friend snorting. Tash thought she was certifiable for giving up the comfort of the dorms for what she considered to be a dive. And that was being polite. Then there was her overprotective brother, who didn’t yet know she’d moved off campus.
Jess shrugged. “He’ll get over it.”
He’d have to. Jess was through being told what to do by Cole. She was twenty-three years old, well past time she should be making her own decisions. The fact she was recovering from her accident wasn’t an excuse anymore. She wanted control of her own life. She wanted to have fun.
“Shall we get out there and dance?” She nodded toward the dance floor.
They both stared out over the heaving mass of drunk partygoers, dancing, laughing, making out…and more. Had the amount of people doubled or tripled in the last hour? The party was in full swing and if Jess didn’t start cutting loose shortly, she’d probably give up and go to bed.
“Well, what do you think?” she prompted when her friend remained quiet.
“Uhh, actually, Jess, I was thinking of leaving.”
“No, don’t go.” Jess grabbed onto her arm. Her only ally couldn’t abandon her now. “I can’t believe you’re deserting me. First Jayne. Now you.”
She’d only invited two friends tonight and they were both piking. The music was loud and headache inducing. The muted lights and sweltering room burned at her eyeballs.
But still.

Jess had wanted to try something different. Do something crazy. Maybe find someone—someone not associated with the clinic. Like the yummy looking guy who had disappeared deep into the midst of the banging party.

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