The Hamilton brothers have horse racing in their blood, and their sprawling Kentucky farm is the family's pride and joy. But they've got plenty of passion to spare…
Nick Hamilton has always known he'd take the reins of the family business when his father died, but that doesn't make it any easier when the time comes. Especially with his two siblings tempted by a shrewd offer from a huge corporation to buy Hamilton Industries. Needing advice, Nick turns to his sensible childhood friend, Becca Stark—and finds her suddenly grown-up beauty ignites brand-new confusion, and crystal clear desire…

Becca has loved Nick for as far back as she can remember, but she decided long ago that telling him would be a mistake. Stubborn, strong Nick doesn't see her as anything but the tomboy she used to be—or does he? As she helps him untangle his feelings about the ranch's future, the familiar bond between them heats into an explosive attraction—and the kind of love that just might take the lead…

     Best friends are awesome and Nick Hamilton had found his at the age of eight.  Yet, he lost his heart at the age of ten.  That girl was Becca Stark.  Now their thirty-three and he feels more unsettled than ever.
     You see Nick comes from what most would call the royal Hamilton family.  There is Trip the eldest son who handles the Stables, Nick handles Industries, and Alex the Breeding.  Yet, when their father passed Nick became robotic.  In a very short time he had lost three very important and close people in his life.
     Because he was going to be working in the business end of it he had gone to an Ivy League school.  While there he met a girl Britt that he fell in love with.  He brings her home with him never telling the one person he had no secrets from or at least she thought they never did, Becca.  So when she got all ready and did herself up all nice and pretty and went to meet up with him and guess who was with him?  Britt.  She was heartbroken.  To find out he was engaged to another woman was a lot to take in and that is when she knew at that moment.  She knew she would never be more than that tomboy best friend to him and nothing more.
     She had left Kentucky nursing program to care for her ill grandmother when no one else in her family would.  It broke her heart when she passed Nick was there for her when she passed just like she was there for him when his mama passes and when Britt ended up passing.  But the one that just did him in was when his dad passed.  He couldn’t go home for a long time so he stayed with her for at least a month if not more.  But he changed after all that.  He crawled into himself and started spending more and more time with her.  He wasn’t with her with her but the town was talking, his family was talking and her customers at the diner were too.  Yeah she was a diner waitress and even though the people liked her they didn’t think she was good enough to be with royalty like Nick.  So when they heard he was sweet on someone from the family and from the ranch staff they just knew it couldn’t be her.  The town was split half and half for her and half against.
     When Becca finally caught the gossip she heard he was dating a doctor.  So once again she wasn’t good enough and also not a friend enough for him to tell her he was dating. 

     This book is like the game of telephone.  You tell the first person and they tell someone and they tell someone and see where your message ends up and how it comes out.  It is very cute and the characters are very down to earth.  It is about two hearts that fell in love before ever telling their owners.  By the time they caught on they had made one royal mess of things.  It wasn’t until another guy starts to really see Becca before Nick sees Becca.  Interesting.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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