Single dad Max isn’t looking for love—he only needs someone to help take care of his two-year-old daughter, Chloe. Or so he thinks. After being kicked out of his parents’ house, he’s determined to make it on his own. But juggling a full-time job, an undergrad program, and childcare is pretty much impossible. When his best friend jokingly suggests he post an ad for a live-in nanny on Craigslist, he goes for it. After all, he has nothing to lose… right? 

When artist Savannah quickly responds to his ad, Max is thrilled. Her resume is perfect and Chloe seems to like her, despite the slightly menacing tattoos decorating her arm. Savannah brings a light and warmth into his life that he never thought possible. Max hasn’t so much as dated since Chloe was born, but he’s willing to give it a shot with Savannah. There’s just one problem. 

Everything is perfect just the way it is. Even his daughter is happy. If he messed up things up with Savannah, how could he ever forgive himself?

     Max Batista, 20, was a young single father when the book opens up who was babied and given no skills and then thrown into the great big world with NO SKILLS & no money, and support from those who said they love him. Now this would be okay in theory and even for the most part overall. But when the parents treated his older brothers differently than wanted to make an example of him but yet still enabled him it is not right to threw him out. Now here is why because he was made to leave with a 2-year-old daughter Chloe. Especially when they went into court with him to fight for her life and full custody. Getting joint custody with him.
Did he need to take responsibility for her, yes? Did he need to work and provide for her, yes? Did he need to get an education in order to have a long term future, especially where this high functioning family is concerned, yes? For his brothers consisted of a surgeon, a writer and lawyers like their father.
But because in his senior year he got his long term girlfriend pregnant he was made to pay verbally and so many other ways for this mistake as they saw it. Chloe to him would never be a mistake. But the pressures were many. Working 30+ hours, full-time school, studying, and spending some time not much with Chloe when he could. His parent’s idea for him to continue onto college to be a teacher all he wanted was his music but now not even half way through and his mom wants to bail on him and she’s kicking them out with less than 30 days’ notice to find a place and no money. Hardest of all to take is no babysitter for Chloe and she knows it and doesn’t care.
While talking to his best friend on the phone, Riley, once he did find a place using the money he was saving for something. She told him to use the ads to find a nanny and half-jokingly when he said yeah Craigslist she yelled “NO!” She said she was just kidding that it could be an ax murderer. But he was stuck finals were coming and he needed help and Riley could only sit for him so many days since she had her own job. His parents never even call him for well over a month if not longer.
He placed the ad and after a week he almost gave up hope. He got the email from Savannah Santos. She looked good on paper but he wanted to see what she was like around Chloe. So they agreed to meet for coffee. Chloe loved her right off the bat. Kids and dogs they say will let you know who is all wrong or all right. The only thing that bothers him is that she has a whole sleeve of skull tattoos on one arm but he doesn’t ask about them. As for her she is a very pretty and a straight forward person you never have to wonder what she is thinking. The best thing for him she was available that day.
As things start to settle in he realizes she is a spitfire and when she gets upset she spews Spanish at a high rate of rapid fire. It actually turns him on. So when he smiles it makes more come out. Which at first does not work well for him because he knows there shouldn’t be blurred lines but things tend to change working with her has more than a few benefits.
I enjoyed this book, there were some funny moments, but Max’s whining sometimes was a little much. Otherwise it was fun to see Savannah go off in Spanish. I give this book 4 stars.
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