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Today the report from Baylor University was not good at all.  The head football coach will be let go which is good.  The athletic director is placed on probation and president of the university Kenneth Starr was moved down to Chancellor.  Which I think both of those people should have been let go as well.  Starr is also still a professor at the law school how ironic.  These are all because of sexual misconduct charges filed against the school.  Also, because the football staff would try to talk women out of filing charges and there also is allegations of retaliation against the females who did file charges.  You also have a title 19 charge against the University.  That they were told to fix in 2011, but did not until 2014.  When they did they did not provide her a staff or funds to operate her office accordingly.  This is the same football program that had an athlete tried and put in prison for 20 years on some charges, not all.  This is supposed to be a Christian school, but their male leaders are not acting that way to their students, especially FEMALE!  How many more schools is this going on at and the University, football program is covering up the problem?  Hopefully more women will come forward.


  1. The other big story this week. Was did the N.F.L. decide to withdraw money from a study about the effects of concussions. This makes them look bad by wanting to change the study whether in their favor or not does not matter. They are a billion $ money making machine and they took away 16 million dollars from a study because they did not want a doctor a certain doctor to be involved. This is the same company that picks who is the arbitrator, but yet says that they have no bias. Right like they still cannot let the whole Brady thing go, but players safety which they keep talking about gets pushed away.

  2. the San Jose Sharks are going the Stanley Cup Finials in the first in their history, and tonight we will see you they will be going up against.

  3. The Rockies stopped Bradley Jr. hit streak tonight at 29 games. the Red Sox record is 34 games held by another Dimaggio, Dom. Joe's younger brother and third Dimaggio to play pro ball. he was a good base ball player but did not get the attention because of his brother and being on the same team as Williams. Williams and him were good friends though.

  4. The Royals today got bad news losing two players one for the rest of the year. this team has not had to really deal with injuries last we will see what happens to them now.

  5. Pittsburgh beat the Lighting to advance to the Finals against the Sharks. should be a good series.

  6. The Dodgers are bringing up their top pitching prospect for Friday nights game against the Mets. it will be interesting to see him pitch, and if he is going to be as good as they project.


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