What do you do when Mr. Right seems oh-so-wrong?

Holly Sinclair is ready to have it all. She's even found her Mr. Right--a steady, reliable guy who just needs a little convincing. Now all the former wild child has to do is free herself of her very inconvenient attraction to Jack Everett. Not only does the notorious playboy and tabloid king seduce her at her sister's wedding, he follows her to Paris! Suddenly, Holly is alone with Jack in the most romantic city in the world--and his family is leaping to the wrong conclusions…

The world's most infamous bachelor has finally met his match. If Jack was the type to settle down, Holly would be the woman of his dreams. There's just one hitch: Holly actually believes she wants to marry Mr. Oh-So-Boring. Intent on proving that she deserves someone better, Jack finds himself playing the role of the perfect boyfriend…a little too well. If he's not careful, he might just lose this game--and his heart.

     When Holly Sinclair was met with a life changing crisis it made her look at her lifestyle differently.  You see ever since she turned 18 she had been traveling all over the world having wonderful fulfilling experiences.  She did however go to college and got her teacher’s degree and did that in some of the place as means to help her live.  But she only did it for short term subbing jobs in all types of schools.
     Her family as well as her best friend not to mention her ex-boyfriend never approved of her lifestyle of jet setting.  They thought of it as her be a woman who could not settle down or commit.  They were always worried about her like she was a poor defenseless girl.  They saw her as irresponsible. 
     The thing was this crisis sent her home to try and to conform to everyone’s wishes to be this normal stay put woman.  You know the one?  A good teaching job, a husband (her BFF – Ben), a few children, and a home with a white picket fence and never traveling again.  There was just one huge glitch.  Benjamin her ex and BFF won’t get with the program.  He doesn’t believe she has changed so after months he won’t even date her.  But they hang out all the time.
     But when her sister Ivy married wealthy businessman Daniel and he happened to be business partners with the tabloid playboy she had a crush on for forever she almost died.  In fact, Jack Everett was Ivy’s best friend.  So, at the wedding in Tuscany, Italy, Holly got up close and personal with Jack.  Not going as far as doing the nasty but being that he was the tabloid hottie, she should have figured there would be photographers hiding in the bushes.  She never thought that her own mother would be the one to fire the first shot.  It wasn’t a damning shot it was just of her and Jack so she felt like she had to explain it to Benjamin but he didn’t even react.
     Then months later another one shows up.  This looks like they were kissing or at least getting ready too.  So she left the last day of school without clearing out her classroom to find Benjamin.  But when she did she didn’t get a chance to explain because when she walked in his house she sees his packed bags for a trip.  Now they either saw or talked to each other every night but he never said he was going anywhere so she was crushed but she was pissed too.  She worked hard to react asking when he planned on telling her he was going and planned on telling her he was going and when and where?  He said he planned on telling her that night at dinner.  He was leaving the next morning to Paris. 
     Now, then she almost lost it.  So rather than lose it she said it had been a long day.  She said to tired to go out and that he probably had things to do before his trip and she just left.  She left to go home and cry.  But then it came to her she could be the romantic one and follow him to Paris and booked a flight.
     When she arrives she calls her pregnant sister who after 9 months is ready to deliver and says she followed Ben to Paris to be romantic.  Ivy is not happy at all.  Holly is the only one that doesn’t know that Ben is not interested in a relationship with her he just wants to be friends.  Holly says to tell the family and that she will check in a few days.  She’ll be searching all of France and hangs up.  Ivy goes into a panic and goes to talk to Daniel, Jack and Brunelli and explain that Holly is on a wild goose chase in Paris.  She says she needs to go after her.  But Daniel says no because she is due at any time.  So he says he will go but Jack says no he will go that Jack needs to stay with Ivy.  So starts the chase because you see Ben went to Paris, Texas not Paris, France.  Plus, Jack says he is doing it for his BFF Ivy and Daniel his business partner but he has unfinished business with Holly he can only handle in person.
     I loved this story of two people who find their self-worth after allowing others to dictate it for so long.  In doing so find true love and a HEA.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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