A Time of Healing...near-fatal accident at the hands of her abusive ex-husband. Wanting only to spend time bonding with her two sons and come up with a direction for their future, Jordan's perfectly crafted plan is turned upside down when she runs in to Rob Tyler, the first man who ever broker her heart.

A Second Chance...

He was content with his life; at least that's what Rob had been telling himself until seeing Jordan again. Spending time with her and her boys has Rob re-evaluating his life. Making up for his past mistakes won't be easy, but the chance of having Jordan back in his life makes him want to try.

Will a summer together be enough to heal old wounds? 

     Jordan Manning was 16 when she fell madly in love with Rob Tyler.  For two years they had the best high school romance even talking about their future together and dreams of a family.  That was all shattered when they were at a party separately and Jordan caught him making out with the biggest slut in the school.
     She was so angry and hurt she had to learn to move on especially since he never bothered to come and try and explain why he even did what he did.  Unfortunately, when she looks at it now 13 years later she is still hurt and a little angry.  Yet, Eric had come along and was there to be the man who would be that guy for her.  Her prince charming.  But her ex who had been the all-American and class president was totally not what everyone thought he was.  Hell, not even what she knew he was before she married him.  He had her fooled too.  It wasn’t until after they married that he showed his true horrible colors.
     Eric was controlling, abusive, and money hungry.  He was totally selfish to the point of being jealous of their own boys.  He didn’t want children he told her once she became pregnant he just wanted her to be a working professional.  Who didn't want to have to share her.  When the beatings started she couldn't believe she was that girl.  He even told her she ruined his plans for a bright wealthy future. From that moment on he planned his escape from his family.  To the point of how he could leave them the poorest.  If the courts would have allowed it he would have too.  But that didn’t work in his favor because do to his gloating and drinking with Jordan on last time he caused an injury accident so she sued him.  (Now mind you this was a joy ride she did not want to go on but he took a heavy hand to get her to go so she went.)  He is a big shot so he settled out of court and then out of the blue relinquished custody of their boys saying he never wanted them in the first place.  Another way to get out of paying for them.  Such a nice guy!
     So, to finish recovering and get away with her boys all alone without family fussing over her like she has had due to her injuries for several months.  She takes them to a beach house in a small Virginia Beach town.  She rents a house for a month and even though the boys grumble they do as their mom asks.  Joe is 12 and Jake is 8, they are much older since the accident especially Joe, since he heard his so called father disclose his hatred toward wanting the boys in the first place and then of course the accident his mom was in because of his dad.  Poor kid had aged right before her eyes.
     On their way to find the grocery store in the little town they stop to ask for directions and guess who it is?  You got it Rob!  Life since they last saw each other looks good on him.  He offers to show them by jumping in the car.  Since he called her by name the boys were not afraid of him just curious, so she explains he was a friend from high school.  Once they knew that they were all over him with questions about the area.  Even invited him to dinner which he shamefully accepted.
     See how these two deal with the undealt with emotions from the past and move forward.  Or can they?  Is there enough true friendship left to find their way back to maybe become something to one another?  Can they even move through the past hurts with real truths and honest?  Will the boys get hurt again or are the adults too afraid to even take the first steps?
     I really enjoyed the realism of the story.  The dynamics of the blended family emotions was so true.  The pains of a broken family and the ways of the adult to choose to live their lives can affect the child’s so badly.  The pains of parting and making up can become a drug of its own for the couple but when children are involved you have to put them first.  Sometimes to the extreme.  I think that was Jordan’s path at first out of protection not only for her heart but for her children that she was forgetting to allow them to live and be children.  Also for her to still be a woman and not just a mom.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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