WICKED LOVE (Wicked White #3)


All Tyler Mercer wanted was to make music—until he met Avery Jenson. The beautiful new girl in town turned his head and struck a chord in his heart. But when their one night of passion results in devastating tragedy, Tyler hits the road, leaving behind his dead-end hometown and the girl he knows he’ll never forget.

After her father was caught embezzling, Avery’s comfortable life in the city was blown to bits. But meeting Tyler helped to pick up the pieces and eased her into country living. She just never expected the handsome musician would add to her heartbreak by walking away without a backward glance.

Now, three years later, rock star Tyler’s come back, hat in hand. He’s found fame and fortune as a member of Wicked White, but it’s all worth nothing without Avery’s love. Can she forgive him for leaving when she needed him most? Or will the ghost of their past keep them apart?

     Avery Jenson seems to be living through what would be called the worst time in a young person’s life.  One, she just caught her now ex-boyfriend out with his ex at the movies.  So, she was in the process of taking a crowbar to the headlights of his red corvette.  But in mid-swing a sexy male voice asked what she was doing.  Which comes to find out is Tyler Mercer.
     Not with a new bystander other than her sorority sisters to egg her on she can’t do it.  They get pissed and leave her standing in the parking lot with Tyler.  He is nice enough to take her to her home.  She couldn’t face the bitchy girls at the dorms.  Bad enough the two that left her but the head bitch is the one that her ex cheated with.
     Now for the second reason, her dad was caught stealing from the company he was working for no jail time, thank goodness.  No one wants a CFO who steals though.  So, they are talking just about everything that they own to pay back has to go.  Including their home.  They get to keep the car and a few personal items.  Even her own mother bailed on them.  Yeah, love works alright.
     Third, just to be a bitch, Charity said, as bitchy, cheating bitches do who have control, that all us at the sorority had to attend.  Then she calls Avery up in front, by the band.  Oh did I mention that Tyler plays in a band and oh yeah he is playing that night?  So she was not wanting to be singled out for sure but what could she do?  Telling her to leave the party she is not welcome anymore since she comes from the family of a man who steals and is now broke.  That with no money she could not be in their sorority anyway they have standards.  She felt instant hurt and shame with Tyler being there since he had been so nice to her the night before. 
     As she runs out who goes out after her but Tyler himself.  He asks if he can help but she is not in a place to accept it.  She holds up in her dorm for two weeks before she sees anyone.  The only one she will talk to is her cousin who goes to the same school but no one knows.  She says word on campus is bad and that Chace her ex had dumped Charity again and has taken up with another new pledge.  Avery tells her cousin she has dropped all her classes and that she and her dad are moving to her grandma’s out in the country.
     Yes, she and her dad pack up what little they have left and move in with her Granny inn Wellston which is out in the country. She has always lived in Columbus a true city girl so she is worried.  But she is so grateful to her Granny for taking them in especially since her dad and her have not really talked since her and her mother got together other than to bring her or things about her.  She finds out when she gets there not only will she have chores but she will sleep on the sofa in the living room.  When she wants to cry she remembers she has a place to stay.
     After a good night’s sleep and breakfast her Granny and her father explain that she has some money set aside and she wants to add on a room for Avery.  So she and her dad go to town to the lumber store.  Avery can’t believe they call it a town it is pretty spars.  As she is waiting for her dad to bring the truck around to have it loaded the guy that comes to load it is none other than…Tyler.   It turns out he lives there but stays in Columbus with a band mate when they have a gig.  Otherwise, he works at the lumberyard to save money to move to the city to work in music full time.  It was a promise he made to his dad as he was dying.
     This is a very endearing story with some very tense scenes.  I found myself tensing up at times having to tell myself to relax and other times I was tearing up and sniffling.  The bond that Avery and Tyler had was a strong one for sure was it a good one?  You will have to read to find out.  Their lack of communication on some levels was to stunted to be good.  Other times it was amazing.  See if these two can make it work or if the lack of communication finds them going without.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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