FALLING FREE: A Falling Fast Novel (Falling Fast #3)

FALLING FREE                             TINA WAINSCOTT

Ever since she was a teenager, Grace Parnell has had one ambition: to prove her father’s innocence and overturn his prison sentence. That drive led her to become a tough, compassionate lawyer—until the case hits a heartbreaking end. Now Grace is adrift, with no idea how to rebuild her life. It’s certainly not the time to fall in love. But from the moment she meets Artemis Tanner, their instant connection is undeniable.
A motor-sports pioneer, Tanner has come to this little coastal town for the racetrack—but he’s staying for Grace. Even though the standoffish attorney seems determined to stay out of reach, Tanner doesn’t need a law degree to tell that their attraction is very, very mutual. As her visits to the track become more frequent, and as Tanner learns more about Grace’s troubled family, he starts to pry open the tiny cracks in her controlled demeanor. Hidden beneath, there’s an incredible passion waiting to be set free.
This is the third book in this series, and some of the same characters from the last book are in this one as well. The story though is mostly focuses on Grace Parnell an attorney who has worked for a client for her whole life thinking that he was innocent of his crime only to find out on her last visit that he tells her he is guilty and stop with all of the appeals. This information sends her for a loop professionally, and personally. She has always felt as a criminal defense attorney that she could read her client now she is doubting everything about herself. Enter Artemis Tanner a pro driver who goes and talks to her at the bar and she finds him attractive and engaging in the conversation, but she is scared. They meet a few more times and the more she is around Tanner the more she is scared of her emotions, and comes up with different excuses for them not to be together. He on the other hand is not only attracted to her looks, but to her strong personality, and is working on ways to break down her walls. This is a very good story with a lot of emotion and a strong female lead character. Read the book and find out if Tanner can win her over. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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