July 2, 2016 Anime Expo L.A. Convention Center

July 2, 2016

Anime Expo L.A. Convention Center

What can I say the Anime Expo other than it was the most unorganized event as far as processing tickets and parking.  We had bought tickets in advance on black Friday for this 4-day event but when we arrived for this mega event we stood in an extremely long line that took us two hours start to finish.  So that my hubby who has extremely bad knees could be even close to the venue for parking he had to pay $45 for parking.

There were lines for everything but they were not organized whatsoever.  They really need to hire some of Disneyland workers to teach them a few of their tricks.  Because they had the lines doubling back on themselves going right back on top of themselves but really going nowhere.  But in the hot sun.  They were really lucky. For the most part, the lot as a whole, took it in hot spirits, costumes, and all. 

But let me tell you we were not disappointed when it came to the costumes and what these young and old could put together to show their style and their characters.  We are talking real showmanship.  This is an art for sure.  Hubby and I were amazed.  You have to go there with an open mind because you are going to see things you never in your wildest dreams thought you would ever think of seeing.  All worth the price of admission.  No kids are allowed under 18 without someone who is 18 or older.  Food inside the venue is very pricey.  They say the food trucks outside are better so we will see tomorrow I guess.

We left the Expo and rushed over to the Grand Hotel at Disney to have dinner with my family.  My mom, dad, bothers.  It was a nice time.  Then we went with Dezi to California Adventure then came here to blog for you.
Have a great night more tomorrow.  Bushed!!!

Char J


  1. We've been to Anime Expo twice - in 2003 and 2004, both times driving the 2000 miles each way. I'll be honest, even when it was at the Anaheim convention center, it had the same problems. AX is considered to be the biggest anime convention in the US, and to be honest, I think it's become too big. We'll be attending the second biggest anime con in the US - Otakon - in August (it will be our last time going - with two of my daughters first going in 2004 and me going every year starting with 2005 - they are moving from Baltimore to D.C. and even without that, the convention itself has had many of the same issues and has just deteriorated over the years). The third largest anime con is Anime Central (ACEN) just outside of Chicago, and I noticed that even it had some new issues this year. I honestly think it's gotten too big - and will likely overtake Otakon as #2 by next year. Personally, I like the slightly smaller conventions - the ones that still get great guests, but where you don't get turned away from signings and such just because there are 500 people in front of you. My favorite anime conventions are Youmacon (Detroit - it's the first weekend in November this year, although they try to schedule it on Halloween, but that falls on a Monday this year so that can't happen). After that I'd have to say that Animazement in Raleigh, NC is my next favorite - they get so many great Japanese guests and it's still a good size for being able to get into events and getting autographs. Yes, we do get around to conventions.

  2. Linda,
    Thanks so much for your response. I think what you said is all true they have grown a lot from what you are talking about. Because this being our first and the overcrowding we saw yesterday was beyond what was really safe I would think but I am just a mom. We just made sure we know where our exits were at all times and where our daughter was on the app and phone contact as best we could. But Like I said even with all that said it was shotty at best so today we chose differently. Yet, the crowds were a lot less too. I hate to see it end at all because it is a great form of free art for people of who they are. Self expression and all. I liked it because my daughter explained to me it gives girls a sense of empowerment. Which at 15 means everything. I love it for her. I love that we got to experience with her and we all had fun doing it as a family. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing with us. Make it a great day!


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