Sometimes the simplest choice has the power to change your life. 


Ten years ago, I turned a hard decision into a simple one. I allowed others to decide my future . . . then I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. I let go of the girl I loved in exchange for a life I was told I wanted.

Then one day I woke up with no recollection of my reality and instead I believed my life had turned out how I had once dared to imagine. Now everyone is waiting for me to remember the day I ruined my future as I struggle to recall a life without the person I so carelessly tossed away.

Somehow, I was gifted a second chance with the woman I love, and I’m going to fight like hell to keep her.


Your brain has a funny way of convincing you what is real and what is not; even if your heart never lets you forget the truth. After Chase Adams broke my heart, my life moved forward, even though the light I once felt had extinguished. Then I received an unexpected phone call that changed everything.

Every day we make choices, but most of the time they don’t affect the rest of our lives. I wanted to love again. I wanted to trust the gift I was given, but every choice has consequences. Now I have to decide to let go of the past for the sake of my future. . . or risk living with regret.

Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Chase and Jordan were dating in high school he being the starting quarterback, she being the girl that moved to the Florida town after her mother and father decided to live there to be closer to her grandparents. Her father retired from the Army so no more moving, and Chase was wanting to ask her out the first time he saw her. She of course said no, for weeks until he finally broke her down and after that first date they were together for the next two years. Now looking to graduate him going to Ohio State on a football scholarship, she is going to NYU, for business, but she is still expecting him to ask her to marry him. What happens next rocks her world and she is out of his life for ten years. He makes it to the pros and is a starting quarterback only to be sidelined by another concussion, his father forces him to sign a waiver and goes back to only to wake up weeks later in a hospital room wondering what is going on and why his wife is not there. That’s right he thinks he is married to Jordan for the last ten years. He needs to be sedated. His mother finally gets through to Jordan who now runs the family cosmetic business, and she is at the top of the game. A high powered female CEO. When she listens to the mother of the boy, who now is a man explain the situation she is actually thinking about going to Phoenix in order to help since her love life is not. She calls her best friend who was there for her when she arrived at NYU and helped her get over him and they have been BFF since. When she is on the plane. Arriving the first person she runs into is his a—hole of a father, but the mother runs him off. When they finally meet he knows there is something wrong between them but Chase thinks that like any husband he messed up and can fix it. What he doesn’t and doesn’t find out or remember is that they are not married. When he does he thinks everyone has been lying to him, but at the same time he breaks her heart once again. Now he must fix himself if he can have any chance or think he can have any chance with her. That is really when this story takes off. A lot of emotion, and you really hate his father. At the same time her best friend and his are two good characters as well as other characters in the book. A good story. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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