SAVING A LEGEND (Kavanagh Legends #2)


His family’s gym has produced a roster of mixed martial arts legends, but so far Kieran Kavanagh hasn’t followed in their footsteps. After a brawl lands him in jail, Kieran is assigned to work at a center for at-risk youth. Though given a second chance, Kieran’s simply going through the motions—until he meets one very special kid, Shea Doherty, and falls hard for her very beautiful, very grown-up big sister, Fiona. The trouble is, Kieran’s best opening moves are getting him nowhere fast.

Fiona Doherty has too many responsibilities to fool around, especially now that she has custody of Shea. Sure, she’d love to find a devoted partner. But she won’t jeopardize her sister’s happiness—or risk revealing her tortured past—on a love-’em-and-leave-’em type of guy like Kieran . . . so it’s up to him to prove her wrong. As Fiona spends more time with Kieran, she starts to see a softer side of the reckless warrior. Now she must admit that when it comes to the possibility of real love, well . . . there’s a fighting chance.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title. 

This was a good story about two people who both are trying to put the behind them. Kieran is part of a large family and was looking at following his older brother into the MMA ring but instead got caught up with the wrong people and trying to make some fast cash by doing under ground fighting. He ends up in prison for 1and ½ years of a two year sentence. Knowing that if he makes a mistake he could go back anywhere from 30 days to half a year. Going to his families Sunday night dinner he goes to buy his mom some flowers and meets a flower girl Fiona who actually owns the flower shop. He is immediately attracted to her and proceeds to ask her out on a date. She declines though she does think he is very attractive she does not feel she is allowed to date or give herself any good times because she is raising her sister who is autistic. She puts all of her needs first, plus because of her past she does not think she should be happy. They continue to run into one another because he needs to do community service and the place he is doing it at is the same place her sister goes to in the afternoon. Fiona’s best friend is the person in charge of the center and though she tells her about a parolee, Fiona does not think it is Kieran. He helps her with her sister and when they are displaced his parents take in Fiona and her sister. This is when she starts to figure out that there is something else going on with Kieran, and she is getting nervous because she has gotten more attracted to him after they went out on a few dates. When Kieran is arrested at the center by his parole officer because he caught two children smoking a joint in a closet. Not wanting the girls or the center, or parent getting in trouble he does not speak up and ends up doing 30 days. Fiona is upset, but also knows why he did it. Though she does not want to continue to see him she still has not told him her secret from her past. They both must overcome each other’s past and hope for a future. This is a good story and describes a lot of issues parents deal with autistic children. A very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

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