Welcome to Eye Candy, the East Side’s hottest nightclub where the bartenders are hot, the cocktails are fancy, and danger lurks just under the surface…

Eve Webber, the gorgeous and savvy owner of Eye Candy, knows better than anyone that growing up on the wrong side of the tracks comes with certain complications. Determined to run a clean business and fix up the East Side, Eve’s plans get temporarily stalled when a potential new hire walks into her bar. The sexual chemistry crackling between them is a potent distraction…even if she refuses to mix business with the promise of pleasure.

Detective Matt Dorchester lives by strict rules that have kept him alive in impossible situations. When his latest undercover assignment has him playing a bartender, his desire for the passionate owner has him breaking every single one. Eve is in danger and her life depends on his secrecy. But once their attraction reaches a climactic conclusion, Matt must make a desperate choice: Tell her the truth about who he really is―or risk a once-in-a-lifetime love to save her life?

Eve Webber is gorgeous, sexy, and smart. She has opened a bar called eye candy and she has big plans. She does not want to see her dreams blown up because of some guys from her old neighborhood. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks she knows a lot of shady people and they come to her with a deal to launder money out of her bar for the drug operation. Not wanting to be part of that she goes to someone she knows in the local police force. She helps them with bank numbers and names. What she doesn’t know is that her new hire as a bartender is an undercover police detective. His name is Matt Dorchester, and his job is to protect her and get information. What neither of them were expecting was to fall for each other and when she finds out that is a detective she is pissed, but they work through that. Once the operation is over she is hoping that he will contact her, but he has his own past that he must work through first. Will they get together and if he does get his act together will she still want him in her life? These questions will be answered if you read the book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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