ANYTHING BUT LOVE                                  ABIGAIL STROM
Socialite Jessica Bullock can’t catch a break. After a lifetime of chasing perfection, hoping to please her parents, all her hard work is set to pay off. But on her wedding day, her fiancĂ© leaves her high and dry. Humiliated, she finds her calm, cool facade beginning to crumble…until an unexpected wedding guest, her childhood best friend and crush, offers to help her pick up the pieces.
Never in his wildest dreams would Ben Taggart have imagined he’d be escorting Jessica on her honeymoon to Bermuda. Although they haven’t seen each other in years, he can’t leave her to fall apart. Agreeing to keep things platonic, they vow to make the most of their spontaneous vacation—until an unplanned kiss sparks a powerful passion.
They tell themselves that what happens in Bermuda will stay in Bermuda. But when old secrets are revealed and new feelings ignite, will Ben and Jessica be able to leave their romance behind?
     Carrying a close held secret of a trauma that happened to you is hard for anyone.  For Jessica Bullock it was extremely hard to keep it from her best friend and secret crush Ben Taggart.  You see Ben wasn’t just any friend on top of everything else their families were longtime friends even now at 28 years old to the two families met for holidays, birthdays and just because.
     But the summer when Jessica was 15 between her junior high and high school year life changed for her.  Her mother sent her to a fat farm.  Ben never understood why.  He thought the extra weight made her look more beautiful.  But it was during a time Jessica was looking for a complete change in her life.  She needed to purge all things before she went to fat camp even Ben.
     Ben being the kind hearted, gentle, and even tempered person he was/is never said a mean word to her.  But it was never beyond his grasp to give you the truth when and where it was needed.  So if you needed the truth he would give it to your face as well as expect it back.  Making Jessica avoid him even more.
     Now all these years later, ten, Jessica is getting married to Tom her best friend since high school.  Ben had planned on avoiding that at all cost.  Until his mother gave a direct order that he would be attending no questions asked.  Of which she rarely did.  So he knew she meant business.  So she put the invite n his refrigerator to remind him.  He did show up.
     As Jessica walks down the aisle Ben and she make eye contact and she feels he knows the secrets she keeps.  She feels like she always felt that he saw deep into her soul.  The feeling was like that every time she was around him.  They get onto the alter.  The minister starts to speak and Ben finds himself not able to sit down he feels her not wanting to get married and he doesn’t know how to help his friend.  When his mother tugs him into his seat.  When a man jumps up from his seat and speaks…
     Needless to say the wedding is off but the honeymoon is still on but a true twist of fate Ben can’t let her go alone so he goes with her.  What will become of their friendship?  Who will win the girl?  Or is the girl strong enough to stand alone?  I enjoyed this book.  It was a fast read.  Ben was a fun character who add several dimensions to both their characters with his antics. I give this 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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