REWIND                                                         KEISHA E. PEARSON

Angelique' Monet Collins is finally living her dream as a prime-time sitcom actress and creator of the show, Clare's Clinic, inspired by her mother who worked as a school nurse for over 30 years. On a vacation, Angelique' runs into two men in her past: her ex-husband, David Duncan Taylor, an NFL defensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons and his sports agent, Keith Armstrong, the guy who Angelique' has a crush in middle school. Both men vie for her attention. In middle school, Keith ignored her and later she was mistreated by her ex. Who will win her heart?

 Very different mix of genera in this book.  Christian based, mixed raced couples, and modern young black woman making her way after a divorce.  A divorce from a man she had once loved very much.  Who was kind, caring, and ambitious.  But when he was drafted in the NFL their lives changed.  Especially once he was injured.
     She tried to be there for him like she had always been but when he became addicted to the meds he had been given to handle the pain he became someone she no longer knew.  He slowly pulled away and was more short tempered.  One day she suffered a loss that made it easy for her to walk away.
     Then years later she was made a name for herself and became the actress she had trained to be as well as a screenwriter.  She had gone to college to become a writer and it was now paying off.  For she was now an actor, writer, and creator of her own sitcom.  They were on break so she was headed for Hawaii alone for some R & R.  At LAX she ran into 3 people that she knows from high school alone what are the odds.  Then she makes it to Hawaii and the next morning she is at a table and a man sits at her table on the beach removes her glasses and hat.
It turns out to be Keith Armstrong a guy she had a crush on in junior high.
     Turns out he always had a crowd of girls around him but he never noticed her.  He proceeds to tell her he had a crush on her too but never had the nerve to tell her.  He also said when he sat behind her in one of their classes her hair was so long it rested on his desk, so he played with it.  So he asked her to dinner.  She said yes.
     At six she’s waiting for him and he is late not good.  When he does appear he arrives with someone in toe.  He comes up behind her she doesn’t even bother to turn around and says, “You’re late there better be a damn...”  When she does turn she says, “What’s he doing here?”  Keith not knowing they know each other and goes to introduce them.  When David Duncan Taylor says, “What are you doing with my wife?”  Or something along those lines.  Sticky wicket I would have to say.  Angel corrects him saying, “Ex-wife!”  Then ask Keith why he has brought him on their date in the first place?  He says he thought he would impress her by introducing her to his celebrity client.
That he’s his sports agent.  Crazy!  Six years she’s been divorced, mad, and far away from him.  Now she is just divorced and mad.
     The thing is now both men want a chance.  She only wants to give one until one stormy night one the island.  One man ends up in her arms and bed when he comes to check on her wellbeing.
     It was a good book but not a book that swept me away.  One because when it started talking about God or scripture it bothered me as an unsuspecting reader who had no clue that this is what she was going to be reading.  Then I’d have to go “Oh yeah!”  And get back into the story.  I like Christian books but when I choose them myself.  There were a lot of parts that dragged too.  All in all, for her first book not bad.
     I give this 3 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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