KELLY TOUGH: Live Courageously by Faith

KELLY TOUGH                                                          ERIN KELLY & JILL KELLY

Kelly Tough is an intimate, deeply personal account of life inside the Kelly family. The book shares the heart of a young woman—the oldest Kelly daughter, Erin—who has experienced the loss of a sibling and stood by her father’s side as he battled cancer. Never-before-shared photos, journals, and stories will be revealed. Readers will go behind the scenes with the Kelly family and experience their private struggles and failures as well as their determination and passion. 

In this book, readers will see a close-knit family who is not exempt from the realities and struggles of life. How they choose to approach the situations they face shows a real, lasting love and hope that digs deep and goes beyond this temporary life. Kelly Tough is a story of finding strength in weakness, hope in the midst of heartache, and joy in spite of suffering. 


This book is not about football, so if you are thinking that it is this book is not for you. What this book is about is a family who is TOUGH and through their journey of losing a son, Brother Hunter who passed away from a rare disease. How they came together for their father fighting is cancer. Written by Erin the oldest daughter she gives a very open and honest look into her family’s life. From both sides up and down. She has taken pieces of her journal and put them in this book which I found to be really amazing and helpful for anyone going through what this family has been. Not really knowing what I was getting when I got this book I am glad I did. Overall a very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us 

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