Let’s Welcome on Friday at 7pm PST Jennifer Wenn Author of: A FATHER FOR DAISY SEE EXCERPT

Let’s Welcome on Friday at 7pm PST
Jennifer Wenn

Author of:

Thirteen years ago, at her senior prom, Gillian Crane did the unthinkable – she became drunk for the first time and lost her virginity to an unknown man. Later, when she found out she was pregnant, her unloving, unyielding mother threw her out and told her never to return. 

Gillian succeeds in building a new life for herself in New York City, vowing never to see her childhood home again. But when she learns her mother is dying, she drags her twelve-year-old daughter back to hell on earth, also known as Barnesville. Once again caught in small town life amongst old friends and enemies, her past comes back to haunt her, turning her world upside down as the question still remains. Who is the father of her child?

1. Come visit Barnesville - where Hyenas rule and nothing is ever forgotten or forgiven.
2. Never underestimate the power of old love or second chances. Or third...
3. Just when she thought she had her life in order, Gillian was dragged back to Barnesville to face her old friends, her dying mother and the man she never forgot.

This was home to her.
Not this house. Not the woman upstairs.
No, it was these two wonderful, warmhearted people next to her that meant home to her. Andrew, her best friend, who had always been there for her and whom she knew she could trust with anything, and Alma, the warm, motherly woman who without second thoughts had opened her arms and her home for Gillian.
“I saw Daisy outside, fearlessly leading her gang toward the pond, shouting something about building a submarine to go after that big fish all the old guys insist lives there.”
“I bet she is. That girl has an adventurous side I’ve never seen anything like. If it weren’t for me holding her back with all the strength I can muster, she would have climbed Mount Everest by now.”
“Why hold her back?” Andrew squinted at Gillian over his cup of coffee. “She’s twelve years old. I think she’s ready to face the world. If I remember correctly, we weren’t sitting idly at her age.”
“You don’t have any children, do you?”
Andrew shook his head. “No, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the constant worry of being a parent. I’m thirty-one, and my mother still pampers me.”
“I do not!” Alma gasped, outraged.
“Yes, you do.” Andrew grinned, blowing his mother a kiss. “But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Too used to it now, unfortunately.”
Alma mumbled through her teeth about disobedient rascals as she stood up and filled the tray with new cups. After putting more warm buns in the basket, she took a deep, strengthening breath and left the two in the kitchen, joining her not-too-friendly friends upstairs again.
“I will never understand why she puts up with those hags.” Andrew sighed, staring at the empty doorway. “They behave like she’s some kind of servant, and she lets them. I’ve never heard her complain once.”
“Everyone wants to fit in.”
“I don’t.”
She smiled tenderly. “No, I guess not. You have never cared much about fitting in.”
“Still don’t, I’m afraid. My mother frets a lot about it, always has, but I can’t help it if I don’t see things the same way she does. I don’t care if Sally Barnes thinks I’m a big clumsy clown, as long as I know I’m not.”
Bathing in the warmth of his smile, Gillian relaxed. It was such a nice, familiar feeling, sitting with him at a kitchen table, chatting. Thirteen years had gone by since the last time, and yet, looking at his open, honest face, she could have sworn it was just the other day.
“It’s so nice to see you again, Andy. It makes me realize how much I’ve missed you since I left Barnesville.”

Jennifer Wenn has been a great lover of books all her life and is terrified of the too high TBR-pile on her night stand which looks like it will fall down on her head any night now. When not enjoying life with her husband and their four children on the Swedish west coast, she spends every last precious minute writing.

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