It Finally came in!!!


It is almost 13 minutes long but we go through each item and give you our opinion about what we think on the spot.  We have no stake in the company or the products we bought this on our own and thought it would be fun to see what all the hype was.  It was fun and it was very interesting for sure.  Although some of the products would not be used for sure others are being tested as we speak and others such as the back are being used to carry shopping items.  Very nice bag for sure.  If we lived by the beach we would use for that daily I am sure.  So if this is something you might be interested in give it a try.  Please check out the internet first you can get coupons for posting on Facebook or thinks like that for a good discount.  But note they will be blowing up your phone or email with deals.  Give and take relationship I guess. :0)

Have any questions about the box or would like to tell us what your think about this or the boxes we are thinking about getting with makeup if you know anything about any of them that you would like to give tips about or Yay or Nays!  Please let us know below.
Char & Dezi

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