MADE FOR US (The Shaughnessy Brothers #1)

MADE FOR US                                                        SAMANTHA CHASE

The Shaughnessy brothers—Aiden in particular—have spent the years since their mother’s untimely death taking care of each other and trying to make their father proud. And Aiden has managed pretty well so far. But his father is starting to worry he’s neglected himself. At the age of thirty-four, he is successful and handsome, and he still has no grandchildren!

Aiden’s met plenty of attractive women over the years, but who has the time? It isn’t until he meets Zoe, a designer on one of his jobs, that he starts realizing he wants something more...

This book is the first in a series with the Shaughnessy Brother’s. The author is starting out with the oldest brother Aiden. For being the oldest he is having a problem with change. Since their mother passed away 17 years ago he has gotten in such a routine with his family that they all allow him to get away with treating people rudely, and acting childish when there is a situation in his life he needs to deal with he runs away to be by himself. These character flaws are more pronounced when a new decorator is hired to take over for the one that was fired. She actually calls him on his behavior and at the same time is dealing with her own recent loss of her mother and then moving to a new State after her funeral. Not expecting to be attracted to anyone she finds herself attracted to Aiden and he is attracted to Zoe, but does not know to treat people let alone treat a girlfriend. When he leaves her stranded for over a day without a car and no way to get a hold of him. He is upset when he finally comes back and she is packed and wants to be taken into town. he can’t figure out what is wrong when almost two days before he says I need to go and leaves without saying where is going when he is coming back just that she must be there when he does come back because he is Aiden Shaughnessy, and people know whatever he was doing must have been right. She calls bullshit and he does not know how to handle that or anything else she puts in his way. That is just one example. There are others and once you get passed that this is a good story, for the other characters help move the story along and you are not always focused on the two of them. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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