In cahoots to break up a romance…they wind up rekindling their own.
Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 11
Colin McFarlan’s back is against the wall. Two brothers have caved to their mother’s threat to sell the ranch if they don’t get married and give her grandkids—now it’s his turn. Too bad the only woman he’s ever loved is the one who came between him and his brother Brody.
When Fancy returns to Temptation, he’s determined to steer clear of the gorgeous real estate agent, who looks good whether dressed up in a pencil skirt or dressed down in cowboy boots.
Fancy Wilson made mistakes. Getting engaged to Brody was the first. Weeping in Colin’s arms—and falling into his bed—on the night she and Brody broke up was the second. She’s not adding to her sins by falling for Colin all over again. She’s had enough heartache.
Yet when Colin asks her to help break up a romance between his mother and the notorious town heartbreaker, she can’t resist. But soon they’re scrambling to undo the damage they’ve done…before it destroys their last chance for happiness.
Warning: Breaking up is hard to do, but reunion sex can be oh, so fine!
Colleen is still holding out from his mother’s ultimatum of if the boys are not married she will sell the ranch. Now to throw a wrench into everything is Fancy. She has moved back to town. She was once engaged to his brother and this confuses him which is not too difficult because he is attracted to her but he does not know what to do about it except to come up with a plan that he needs help with his mother so she won’t fall for a man he feels is trying to take or swindle her. The more they try to break them up the more time they spend together and that leads to a fun and fast paced story. The characters are funny and you really can see some of them being around in a small town. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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