FULL EXPOSURE  #3                                        CATHRYN FOX

I’ve just had the best two weeks of my life! Who’d have guessed that a big part of my rehab would involve giving a gorgeous psychologist private lessons in sex? The problem? I’m hooked. I want more and that wasn’t part of the deal. But I have a job to go back to, and she’s already pushing me away. So what the hell am I going to do? Still, as a quarterback, I know some things need a playbook and I’m used to winning. So before I walk away from this incredible thing between us, I’m going to use every strategy I know to convince her that the only hands she needs are mine…

This is the last of a three-part series full of mind-blowing sex, featuring a dirty-mouthed football player who knows the score and an inexperienced therapist who needs to learn it. Make sure you have the full series! 

The Hands On serial is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Hands On
Book #2 Body Contact
Book #3 Full Exposure

     This is part three of a three-part series.  You all know my view of when they take what could be a full length story and split it up in parts so not going there.  Let’s just say my memory would have me forget if I wasn’t reminded by netgalley.com or author most times.  But I have to say I only read parts 2 and 3 and I must say that with this story it totally works.
     Part 2 starts, after the agreement of Jack Rider becoming Danielle Lang’s sex coach.  She was thinking along the lines of a one night stand and Jack had other ideas.  Jack felt in order for this soon to be professor of sex therapy at the college she had to have knowledge of many situations.  Not of just losing her virginity.  So he says two weeks and she does exactly as he says.  She agrees but she worries for him and asks if his knee will be okay since he was doing physical therapy for it?  You see he is pro football player who was out until it healed.
     So, in this book Jack showed her the fringes of BDSM.  He gets her ready to experience the act of love making or was it sex because already lines were becoming blurred with both of them feeling emotions for one another but neither will to express them because that was not what they had agreed upon. 
     Now book three.   It has them going on a romantic date the night they are to have sex finally although they still have a week to explore it all.  When in passing a threesome somehow comes up in their discussion and they both become tense when she says she may be interested in the way of education.  Jack realizes he doesn’t want any other man touching her ever again.  Yet, he knows that is not rational since that was not the agreement.  In his mind he things “Mine!”  Yet, he also thinks she only sees him as her coach.  Which is what she puts out there.  She had grown up in the foster care system and never allowed her true feelings to show.  Not even to her last family which she really loved and they loved her so much they started a trust fund for her.
     The thing that seemed to blow Jack away was her confidence and trust in him.  Her a matter of fact belief that he’d protect her and with him feeling less than due to his injury, made him feel so important, instead of less of a man.  The way the league was making him feel these days.  More like he was a product instead of a person with feelings.  She made him feel like he wasn’t a failure.
     Danielle had a dream of one day opening a family therapy practice.  She found the perfect little house that was a two story.  Downstairs for the practice upstairs for the living quarters.  She showed it to Jack and he thought it was a wonderful idea.  He was the only other person she had told beside her BFF Violet.
     So now they are at their dinner and he introduces Jamie his BFF who is the chef of the great food they have been eating.  He says that’s the person who he would pick and trust to be the third person for a threesome if she was still interested.  She wants to say no that she only wants to be his forever but she can’t risk her heart and she has her professor side who says, yes.

     This was such an interesting book the way it unfolded.  The emotions it can draw out and the fear we all have of being rejected.  Yet, the pain of the unknown has to be worse than knowing and finally moving through it all.  The thing I found that made me like this book being split up is the message at the end may have been missed at the understanding that emotions are present behind sex, hang-ups and fetishes.  She wanted her students to understand the physical sex was just the tip of the iceberg.  I loved that Jack knew her insecurities and countered them with positives like telling her all the time she was beautiful.  And for those that have thought about BDSM or have heard bits and pieces but were afraid to ask book 2 gives you a taste of it but very mildly and Danielle being the student asks a lot of questions most would like to ask but feel embarrass doing.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com  Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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