TWISTED UP (Taking Chances #1)

TWISTED UP                                               ERIN NICHOLAS

Avery Sparks is a master at controlling chaos—and she gets plenty of opportunities as fire chief and head of emergency management in her hometown of Chance, Nebraska. The only thing she can’t seem to control are her feelings when she’s around Jake Mitchell, the man who was her first everything the night of their high school graduation. But Jake was so quick to leave Chance—and Avery—behind that she swore she’d move on.

While Avery’s job is to minimize drama, Jake embraces the chaos of an emergency. After enlisting in the Army National Guard, Jake became a nationally recognized leader in disaster recovery. Yet a life on the road has left him restless. So when a class-four tornado wreaks havoc on Chance, he’s eager to return home—and to the woman never far from his mind.

Now, Avery and Jake must team up to help their hometown weather a siege of violent storms. But it’s clear to them both that nature isn’t the only force they’ll have to reckon with. Will Avery and Jake’s whirlwind love affair be an all-new disaster—or can they recover from their stormy past to build a future together?

     Fear, love, passion, all these emotions can cause us to act out in so many different ways.  Some can motivate us to change our world or the world around us.  Others can make us freeze up and never do anything, then there are others that make us so bitter we do things out of spite.
     Avery Sparks in this story was a young girl of four when she started hanging out at the home of Heidi and Wes Mitchell the Chief of Police.  You see Avery’s grandma used to clean their home.  But when she ended up with custody of Avery she needed to take Avery with her to the homes while she cleaned.  Since Heidi had always wanted more children especially a little girl she offered to watch Avery.  You see it taken Heidi a long time to have her son Jake who was the same age as Avery.
     Jake was very glad when Avery came into his mother’s life at the age of 4.  He hung around his dad more do boy things.  Because that meant he no longer had to bake, cook, or gardened with his mother anymore.  He could now go off and get into mischief with his two cousins Dillon and Max.  Yet, Avery and Jake never interacted with one another yet knew about the other and saw the other.
     Heidi and Wes became very attached to Avery especially when they would see how her grandmother treated her.  So when she was working and even when she wasn’t working at their house they said Avery was welcomed at their home.  They loved her like a daughter.  They taught her everything she knew.  She thought of them as her parents as her family. 
     Avery and Jake’s senior prom was upon them.  Jake was going but not planning on taking anyone in fact he hadn’t dated anyone all year.  Avery had bought a dress and everything but had not even been asked so was not even planning to attend.  So Heidi had Jake ask Avery.  He didn’t want to but he did it for his mom out of love.  He found Avery very interesting and that he really liked her.  In fact, he started hanging out with her a lot.  There was a whole month between that date and their graduation and they just about spent everyday together.  So the night of graduation for the party Jake asked if Avery wanted to with him since she was changing at his house they could ride over together.  She did.  She was one excited girl.  That night she lost her virginity to Jake.  When she went to his house the next morning he was gone.  He had not told anyone not even his parents he had joined the national guards.  When she spoke to the devastated Heidi things were said that cost her the only family she ever known the harsh words that came out of Heidi were bad enough that Avery left never to look back…
     Ten years later their hometown of Chance was having its ten-year class reunion.  Like she had planned it she received email updates from her new best friends.  Kit, Bree, and Liza as to when Jake would touch down at the high school.  Where she was decorating for the reunion.   She figured if she was prepared for his arrival she could shore herself up when it came to him kissing her out of the blue.  Usually he came home four times a year.  As fire chief she was usually busy but a couple a times a year he would catch her off guard and lay one on her.  A toe curling one for sure.
      Only this one came with a twist as a tornado was following on his heels.  So when he insisted on following her to a shed on grounds at the high school to find more decorations he followed.  The winds took on too much of a gust and they got stuck in the shed.  Holy Moly! 
     This was a funny book in an ironic way.  Jack was too unbelievable for words.  Avery was sad at first but then as the story went along you get it.  Relationships are hard, so this one was long and drawn out, and would have driven me crazy over ten years.  Nope not for me.  Different strokes.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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