TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (Returning Home #3)

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD                                SERENA BELL

The reunion is supposed to be the start of the rest of their lives. But when Trina Levine sees the soldier she promised to love forever, Hunter Cross looks at her like she’s a stranger. The connection is gone, lost in the blank stare of those soulful brown eyes. Hunter remembers his young daughter but not Trina, and he certainly can’t recall why Trina and her own child are living in his house. Although his lean, rugged frame bears the scars of battle, his mind took the worst hit.
But Hunter Cross hasn’t forgotten everything. His body remembers caressing Trina’s delicate curves, holding her close, never wanting to let go. Was it just a dream, or was it real life? Now, as he tries to put the pieces back together, Trina’s the one who comforts him when his night terrors strike. It’s Trina whose warm touch rekindles a connection no man could deny. Even with the odds stacked against them, Hunter wants to believe. Because passion has the power to awaken the past—and remake the future.

This is a very powerful story that grabs you from the beginning and does not let until the end. Hunter Cross and Trina Levine have known each other for some time. But after Hunter's wife is killed in an explosion in their lives become more meshed together because of their daughters. After some time they decide to date and as it starts to heat up he is given orders to ship out. They come up with a plain that helps them but also mainly the girls. While he is deployed his daughter and Trina have become more attached and now she looks to her as her mother figure. Hunter is injured in an explosion while deployed and is gone a little longer than expected. When he does return he does not remember Trina or anything that they spoke about before he shipped out. This is breaking her heart but she is doing everything to hold it together for all of them. He realizes that he cannot have her leave because not only does his daughter love her but that there is a routine that he has no idea what to do. He does not remember meeting his mother’s boyfriend and them traveling on his motorcycle. Causing more problems is his nightmares and it seems that the only why they leave is when Trina comes in to help him and he remembers her curves and her touch. Wanting to get help for his PTSD he goes to counseling and you as the reader are hoping that they can get it worked out before she leaves for L.A. This is a powerful story full of many emotions. A very, very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. 
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