JERSEY TOUGH: My Wild Ride from Outlaw Biker to Undercover Cop


The only patch-wearing outlaw biker to become a sworn police officer — and live to tell his tale 

In 1977, Wayne “Big Chuck” Bradshaw was Jersey tough. He was a member of the outlaw Pagans bike gang, a One Percenter, and had earned his colours in a world of boozing, bloody bar fights, and high-stakes crime. But after getting too close to extreme violence, Bradshaw made the life-threatening decision to change his path.

The toughness Bradshaw used to survive biker life led him to a distinguished and heroic career as an undercover narcotics officer for the same New Jersey police department that had once arrested him. Bradshaw tells his story with the truth of the streets, from his time in the U.S. Army to his decision to join the Pagans, to the wild adventures of working narcotic stings. He rode with truly dangerous criminals and then returned to those same places as a cop. He tracks down fugitives in Jersey’s toughest neighbourhoods, risks his life rescuing dozens from a fire in a seniors’ residence, and volunteers in the aftermath of 9/11.

Jersey Tough is an unflinching memoir of personal struggle, of battling with darkness, and ultimately of redemption.


This is an interesting story of a young man joining a biker gang the “Pagans” earning his colors and then being able to walk away and start a new life putting away the people that he was following when he was younger. There were parts of this book I felt a lot of young people can relate to. Being lost and trying to find their way they are looking for acceptance and he found his through this biker gang. He was fortunate as he says he the book for two things. One not being convicted of a felony, and two going to the president of the Pagans and talking to him start up saying he wanted to leave, and being able to. His life experiences I believed made him a better officer when he did decide to apply for the police force and make it. His past life helped him when it came time to make busts and gave him the street knowledge that some of his colleagues did not have, and this made his story different than most. This is a fascinating book and a good read. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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