KNOCKED OUT BY LOVE (Love to the Extreme #5)


Brody Minton has loved Scarlett Harris for years. But she’s his best friend’s wife, so he’s worked hard to keep his distance. Hearing the marriage is over shouldn’t change anything. Only an ass would make a move on a friend’s ex… Except Scarlett wants help getting back in the dating game, and Brody’s torn. If he helps her out, he can keep an eye on her and guard her vulnerable heart. But having the woman he’s longed for for years in arms’ reach is hell on a man’s restraint, no matter how iron strong his will.

But loving Scarlett is only half the fight.

All Scarlett Harris wants is to get away for a while and rethink her life after filing for divorce from her lying, cheating bastard of a husband. The gorgeous Bahamas sounds like the perfect escape, except she’s booked in very resort Brody “The Iron” Minton is staying at for his sister’s wedding. Now her ex’s best friend is dogging her every move, and is a witness to her first pathetic attempts at flirting in years. If Brody isn’t going to leave her alone, then she’ll just recruit him to help get her reacquainted with her single self.


Brody is on a vacation in the Bahamas because his sister is getting married. He is also hoping that this will continue to push away the memories of his best friend’s wife Scarlett, who he has always thought had a hot body, and a great personality. For the last year though he has been coming up with excuses as to why he can’t go to their house like he used to. Now on the island and hoping for some fun he spots Scarlett and her friend, not knowing that she has filed for divorce from her lying, cheating husband, and thinking that Brody was in on the lies which was why he could not hang out at their house like he use too. She is planning on starting a new life. Problem the first night that she gets drunk and some guy tries to leave with her out of the bar Brody “The Iron” Mitton the MMA fighter shows up and tells the guy to leave. He takes her back to his place to allow her to sleep it off and calls his friend only to find out that a woman answers the phone and now he wants to beat his friend’s ass. The next day when she awakes and they talk she realizes that he did not know about her ex and is happy because they actually have a lot in common. Once they are back home and she asks for his help to get back into the dating scene he decides to slowly take her to places he thinks she will like and see if he can win her over. A very good story and seeing Brody change to a softer side is nice. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars.
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