ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY (Burnt Boot, Texas #3)


For good girl Leah Brennan, the only thing worse than falling for the dark-eyed, tattooed Rhett O'Donnell would be falling for a member of the off-limits Gallagher clan—or maybe both.

All Leah wants is to please her grandmother and bring some peace to the feuding town of Burnt Boot. With Tanner Gallagher—her forbidden, childhood crush—flirting with her and sexy Rhett showing up wherever she goes, Leah soon realizes that this may not be as easy as it seems… Will love be enough to conquer her family's hundred-year-old feud with the Gallaghers?


This is a fast paced story about Leah Brennan who has always done what her grandmother has wanted her to do. Now though the guy she always thought she had a crush on Tanner Gallagher is starting to play with her mind more and more. She thinks it is because of the feud between the two families that has now gone to new heights. She also knows she is feeling different because she is almost 30 and she is still doing what her grandmother wants. This starts to change when Rhett O’Donnell comes riding into town on a Harley with horns attached to the front. A biker, cowboy, and tattooed she is taken by him the moment she sees him. Now she wants to get to know him and when she does he feels comfortable but also exciting. She is trying to sort out all of her emotions when her grandmother gives her an ultimatum of either moving off the ranch or stop seeing Rhett. What happens next is worth the read, along with the fight between the two grandmothers. This is a very good story, and you find out a little more about the characters. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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