THREE SIMPLE WORDS #3                              A.J. PINE

She's holding out for a happy ever after. 

I know where to find my happily ever after—between the pages of a romance novel. It’s why I sell books, why I blog about them, and why I’ll never get disappointed by love.

So what if my brother’s best friend from high school is now a bestselling author? Or that he just blew back into town on a Harley, filling out a pair of jeans like he never did before? Or that he’s agreed to do a signing at my bookstore on such short notice? Because despite all his adoring female fans, I kind of hated his book.

The last time I saw Annie Denning, she was a senior in high school, three years older than me and way out of my league.
Now I’m her last-minute date to a wedding, and what started as a night of pure fun has turned into something more real than either of us anticipated.

Annie is my muse. When I’m with her, my writer’s block fades away, and the words finally flow.

The only problem? She wants the fairy tale—her very own happily ever after—and anyone who’s read my book knows the truth. I just don’t believe they exist.


Annie owns a book store and also has a blog. She is totally against the newest romance book that is flying its way to the top of the best seller lists. Her reason is no happy ever after. The readers of her blog of course disagree with her because they like the male lead of the book. Wes the author of the book is stressing out because he has no clue what his second book is going to be about but has already signed a contract and took an advantage. He is looking to get out of New York and away from his agent who is hounding him. He decides to go back home to Chicago and calls his best friend who happens to be Annie’s younger brother. You see she was a senior in high school when Wes and her brother were freshman and hanging out playing video games in the living room. When she finds out that he is coming home to Chicago and tells her friend who also does the books for the store. The friend gets in touch with Wes about doing a book signing at the store. When he arrives for the event this is not the Wes she even remotely remembers hanging with her brother, and then after the signing a couple who is getting married the following weekend suggests to her in his presence that she bring him as her plus one. When she finally agrees the story takes off from that weekend to the end. You find out about Wes and his family and what happened to make him move to New York. You find out secrets about Annie’s family as well. All the while the two of them becoming closer and Wes being able to write another story. Conflict and drama along with some funny moments thrown in and you have a wonderful book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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