WINNER TAKES ALL (Champion Valley #1)

WINNER TAKES ALL                              ERIN KERN


Money. Fame. Endorsements. Blake Carpenter had it all—before his professional football career spiraled out of control. Determined to rebuild his life, he takes on coaching the high school team in his Colorado hometown. Despite a few fumbles, Blake knows he can lead these boys to victory. As long as he can keep his eyes on the prize and off the team's distractingly gorgeous physical therapist.

Annabelle Turner knows all about the scandal that cost Blake his NFL career, and she'll be damned if she's going to let his mistakes hurt her team. What she doesn't count on is the intense attraction that turns every heated run-in they have into a wildly erotic competition. Point by point, play by play, kiss by kiss, they try to keep things professional for the good of the team. But when the score is this close—and the passion this fierce—it's anybody's game...


Blake Carpenter has moved back to his hometown to become the head football coach of the high school. His pro football career over because of injury and PED’S, now he must move ahead with his next phase of life. The person who knows about his injuries and wants him to succeed is physical therapist Annabelle Turner who also moved back to her hometown to take care of her mother, and she also helps with the team but Blake is leery of her presence because he feels he can only trust a few people and those are the ones he grew up with. She is determined not to be dismissed and that begins this fun story. There are some serious moments in this story but the main part is relationships, Blake’s with the team, and people who think he is a cheat and don’t want their son to play football with him being the coach. Also his and his two friends which are more like brothers since they grew up together and they look out for him, and the one between Blake and Annabelle. You also have her and her mother and her and her sister. A lot going on but the author makes it work. I really like the scene were Annabelle buys a fireproof safe because it is on sale and after getting it to her car realizes that her truck is full of groceries, and does not know what to do with the safe until Blake takes it out of her arms, but how many times do we get caught up in life doing so much and forget? That is just one example of a good and fun at times story. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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