HARD TIME : An Ex-Con Bad Boy Romance (Hard As Nails Book 1)

HARD TIME                                                        HOPE CONRAD

Muscled, tattooed, and irresistible.

Thomas Street is an ex-con, but before he got out of prison, he locked eyes with her…

The moment Street sees Katie serving food in a hellhole of a prison, he wants her. Her sweet little body against his. Under his. Her screaming his name until she admits she’s never had better.

Now he’s found her again, working in a bookstore of all places, and she’s just as gorgeous as he remembers. Only Katie thinks he can be redeemed. That there’s a good man underneath his darkness.

He’s not so sure.

But then Katie becomes his. Katie and her daughter.

And he’ll risk everything, including fighting the devil himself, to protect them.


Katie met Thomas Street in prison. She was the person who served meals and he was an inmate. Even though there eyes locked more than once he never spoke to her. She did ask about him and was told he was no good. Leaving work one day an alarm goes off when she asks what happens she get it was Street he was fighting on the yard. Not knowing that he was protecting an inmate who could not protect himself she is left with that thought of him, she quits the job and moves on to a book store. Now two years later she looks up and sees Street walk into the book store applying for a job. He is on parole but he does know who she is and yes she remembers him as well. Once he gets the job they work on becoming friends and he also must do community service. The service job is at a place that happens to also be where her daughter goes to after school, he just met her. He is trying to help the youngsters when he smells marijuana. Upon investigation he finds two girls smoking one being Katie’s sister. He takes it away from the two girls and as they walk back up front his parole officer is out front. Low and behold he goes back for violation. Katie and her friend who is a social worker find what happened from Riley but the parole officer thinks they are making it up. Now she can only think about him and hoping he wants to still be with her wants he gets out again. There are some graphic sex scenes, some they are just thinking about, they are in detail. I found this to be a good read, at times long but I think it was to explain the story. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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