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He must be a glutton for punishment.
What other reason would Sam have for going back to the bakery to talk to a woman he couldn’t look at without getting a hard-on and couldn’t speak to without unintentionally insulting?
And why had he run home to shower and put on something decent before stopping by, rather than just heading straight over after work all sweaty and covered in sawdust? Christ. What am I doing here?
He was apologizing, that’s what. No matter what her reaction would be, he couldn’t stand by and let Leah think he wasn’t interested because of her weight. Especially since that wasn’t the case. Just a quick apology then I’ll be on my way.
Sam pushed open the bakery door and stepped inside. The sweet scent of warm chocolate overpowered his senses, and he breathed deeply, letting the delicious aroma permeate every pore in his body. Damn, that smells good. Yet he was alone in the bakery. The lights were on, but there were no customers. Hell, there weren’t even any employees. Nothing.
Figuring someone forgot to lock up for the night, Sam turned to leave, but a strange gurgling noise drifted from the back room and stopped him in his tracks. Worried that someone, possibly Leah, might be hurt, he moved quickly around the counter toward a swinging door. “Hello?”
A weak, strangled voice came from the back. “I’m c-closed.”
Sam recognized it as Leah’s and pushed the swinging door open anyway.
He found her standing in front of a long, stainless steel table wearing a shimmery black cocktail dress that easily rivaled the tight, sexy one she wore the night before.
Surprised, Leah looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks before blushing and quickly turning away. “I…I said I’m closed.”
“You okay?”
She sniffled a little and swiped at the tears in an effort to hide them. “I’m f-fine.”
“You don’t look fine.” It slipped out before he realized how she might take it. Damn, I have a knack for saying the wrong things to this woman.
Leah cleared her throat, lifted her head, and turned to face him. “What do you need, Sam?” Her tone wasn’t particularly friendly.
If she wants to pretend everything is okay, then who am I to argue? “I stopped by to apologize for this morning and…well, for last night. I think you misunderstood some things I’d said, and I wanted to clear the air between us.”
“Fine,” she said, her voice still cool. “Apology accepted.”
He stepped farther inside the room and hooked his thumbs into his front belt loops. “Strange, since I haven’t given you one yet.”
“Look, I appreciate you coming by, but I really don’t have time for this right now,” she snapped.
“What’s your problem?”
She sighed heavily with defeat. “My air conditioner just went out in my car, and I have to figure out how to deliver a wedding cake without the heat melting the icing all over the place.”
I didn’t mean the actual problem. I meant…Christ. Never mind. “That’s what has you this upset?”
“Doesn’t seem like much of a problem. It’s just a cake.”
“Just a cake?” She gawked at him. “I’ll have you know, I use only the best ingredients in each of my creations and make everything from scratch. It’s my ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and I spent weeks planning out every detail of this cake, down to the last edible flower.”
“Your ex, huh?” His lips curled involuntarily. “And someone’s eating flowers? Real ones?”
She sniffled. “Yes, real ones. Some flowers petals are edible, you know. And they’ll complement the cake’s Bavarian cream filling.”
Sam chuckled softly. “So let me get this straight. You need to deliver your ex-boyfriend’s wedding cake, topped with plants, and filled with something that sounds like a venereal disease…and people are actually going to eat it?”
“Well, I suppose, if that’s the way you want to look at it, but—”
He stood up straight and clapped his hands together. “Okay, let’s go then.”
“You need a ride, don’t you?”
“Yes, but—”
“Well, then what are we waiting for? I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

June 27, 2017

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Surprising Chase Black is not an easy task but when he opened the little box on Christmas morning to see tickets to one of the biggest MMA fights in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, he was shocked. I thought I’d had the reins on our trip but since then, Chase keeps giving me those looks, a smirk that says I’m the one in for a surprise. 

The war vet bodyguard. The Hollywood starlet. An unexpected threat at the biggest charity event of the year. Can Jason set aside his demons to save Savannah's life, or will his past get the best of him?

Maybe it was the adrenaline, the pure excitement from the fight that had me thinking of things I shouldn’t. All I knew was never before had something that was wrong, felt so right.

There are two of them and one of me. And an irresistible lure between us that is expressly forbidden. Has the gluttony of Vegas distorted our judgment or could there be something else bigger at play?

Brick Davenport is the quintessential billionaire badboy. He’s also my ex-fiance and the man who taught me the first rule of business--always protect your assets. On New Year’s Eve in Vegas, I’ll have to do just that, because Brick’s on a mission...for my heart.

Love like there's no midnight.

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Chase Hammond and Shane Laughtner have finally found the woman who completes their Trinity, and this New Year's Eve, the two have crafted a plan to make their trio permanent. Bright lights, a buzzing atmosphere, and an over indulgence of passion.

DICED - Ginger Scott
The last time Mia Stone saw Jamie Augusthill, he was being hauled away from her father's five-star restaurant in handcuffs. Now, the supposed "new man, still brilliant chef" is standing in HER kitchen. Worse yet, he's the only person who can pull off this impossible New Year's Eve feast. He's also the only man to ever break her heart.

BLINK - Molly McLain
I took her for granted and she walked out of my life. Now, two months later, she’s back...on another man’s arm. I never expected I’d spend New Year’s Eve without her, and I’ll be damned if she gives that midnight kiss to anyone but me. After all, she’s my wife. 

Mila Hunt has a big problem, and his name is Chase James. The arrogant asshole happens to be her boss, and after an embarrassing mistake at a gala, he decides her punishment should fit the crime. What he has in store for her she never thought she wanted, but she could never say no to him either…

ROCKIN' THE SUITE - Rhonda James
Sebastian Miles in a man with a plan. Recently married, he’s been on tour with his band, Paradox, for the last four months, leaving his young wife, Brooke, alone at home. He has thirty-six hours before heading back out on the road; plenty of time to fly off to Vegas and prove to her he’s still the same romantic guy she fell in love with. The stakes are high, but he’s up for the adventure. After all… What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right?

Gable Powers had loved keeping me off-balance from the moment we met—dirty words whispered in my ear that made me tremble, a spectacular tattooed body that had my own craving his, a secret revealed that only made me love him more. Even his proposal had taken me by surprise when he got down on one knee in the shower. But now it’s my turn to shock him at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Vegas, and it’s going to be awesome.

TAKING GREER - Winter Travers
Apollo Banachi is tired of waiting. He's taking what belongs to him. Greer Cassidy doesn't stand a chance.

Tara Hunter and Scott Dixon have wanted each other for years, but something always keeps them apart - until New Year’s Eve. When Scott and Tara find themselves at a charity gala, the stars may finally align.

A SHOWER FOR...THREE? - Allie Juliette Mousseau

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