DOUBTING THOMAS (Tarnished Saints #1)

DOUBTING THOMAS                                       ELIZABETH ROSE

The Taylor Twelve are sons of a preacher but far from saints. Matter of fact, they are nothing but trouble. 

Thomas Taylor is a single father of six boys, accused of his late second-wife’s murder. He doesn’t really remember what happened that night, because he’d drank too much. But he does know he never should have married the no-good woman hoping for a mother for his children after his first wife died, leaving him to raise them on his own.

Angel Dimitri is a social worker, come to vacation on Thunder Lake and also to make an unofficial visit to a man who the townsfolk say is an unfit father. Angel sees the rustic way in which Thomas lives and raises his children, but also sees a man who would never abuse a child but torture himself instead.

When he is about to lose his children and she feels it is her fault, she steps in to do something so crazy that she starts doubting herself instead of Doubting Thomas.

     An amazingly good story one that once I started I didn’t want to put down.  The characters were so well developed and multilayered in who they were it kept them so interesting.  It had such old-world charm with the way Thomas Taylor was raised and how he was choosing to raise his six sons. 
     Yet, it is a modern-day tail of small town living and small mindedness.  As to how closed minds convict because people are different when really that is what we all strive for our own way of doing things or being different than others.  Yet, for Thomas he almost lost it all.
     You see Thomas is a widower twice but the second one he was accused of killing.  They couldn’t convict not enough evidence.  But, because he and his boys lived off the grid so to speak people talked about him being a bad father.  You see when he lost his first wife, the love of his life, the had to sell everything home, business, furnishings, to pay for the hospital bills.  Which he is still paying all these years later.
     Because of the way, he was raised by his preacher father you never took charity.  So, his father deeded his early inheritance a waterfront land on the lake near the forest.  It had a very small on room cabin on it.  So, he and his six boys lived off the land.  The amenities were very limited.  But they were happy.  Until his first wife died.  Then, when he married the second wife things when south very quickly.
     She was murdered six months ago, now one of the neighbor’s daughters worried about her parents.  She has asked her friend to stay at her folks B&B to check in unofficially to see if he is dangerous to her parents or his children since she is a CPS worker.  She was going to be taking three weeks off to spend with her 8-year-old daughter anyway so the lake seemed like the perfect place.  Angel Dimitri is not happy at first with the conditions but little by little as she gets to know the family she is starting to get the environment and sees the goodness in the father.
     This is a book so worth your read time.  You won’t regret the time it takes to read it.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by the author for honest review. 

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