LAST DAYS OF NIGHT                                     GRAHAM MOORE

New York, 1888. Gas lamps still flicker in the city streets, but the miracle of electric light is in its infancy. The person who controls the means to turn night into day will make history—and a vast fortune. A young untested lawyer named Paul Cravath, fresh out of Columbia Law School, takes a case that seems impossible to win. Paul’s client, George Westinghouse, has been sued by Thomas Edison over a billion-dollar question: Who invented the light bulb and holds the right to power the country?

The case affords Paul entry to the heady world of high society—the glittering parties in Gramercy Park mansions, and the more insidious dealings done behind closed doors. The task facing him is beyond daunting. Edison is a wily, dangerous opponent with vast resources at his disposal—private spies, newspapers in his pocket, and the backing of J. P. Morgan himself. Yet this unknown lawyer shares with his famous adversary a compulsion to win at all costs. How will he do it?

In obsessive pursuit of victory, Paul crosses paths with Nikola Tesla, an eccentric, brilliant inventor who may hold the key to defeating Edison, and with Agnes Huntington, a beautiful opera singer who proves to be a flawless performer on stage and off. As Paul takes greater and greater risks, he’ll find that everyone in his path is playing their own game, and no one is quite who they seem.


An excellent story about the age of electricity and bring lights to a city. Who is going to be the one holding the switch sort of speak? Told by or through the eyes of what maybe the attorney Paul Carvath, a 26 year old grad for Columbia Law School. He was hired by Westinghouse, to fight Thomas Edison. You are brought through arguments, fights, a burning building. Looking for Tesla, and any paperwork that would help his case. Edison would prove to be a tough opponent hiring men to undermine the young attorney, and he even felt like he was fighting his own client at times. This historical fiction book takes you back in time and is well written and the author brings the characters to life. All of the characters. You feel like you are their walking the streets of New York getting ready for the turn of the century. Sights, smells, description of trains and just walking around different cities give this book a feel of going back in time. A well written book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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