HIT MAN (Deadliest Lies #3)

HIT MAN                                                             MICHELE MANNON

He always gets what he wants.

The seasoned seducer, who probably charms the panties off of every woman he meets. Diego is handsome. Arrogant. Dangerous. Far more dangerous than anyone I've ever met. And with one look from across a crowded room he has me; hook line and sinker, I'm his for the night.

Diego is not a man to mess with, I know that. I just can't seem to resist his kiss, his touch. But can I trust him with my heart, with my body?

I'm being hunted for something I may or may not have seen, and Diego is my only way out of a world of death and destruction. If only I can believe his dark promises.


I read the two books before this one but for some reason this book did not grab my attention from the beginning. I am thinking that is where it started for me. You met Aubrey teaching in Mexico City and after an event an explosion and she saves a young boy, as they drive away the boy is holding her passport. Then later she is still in Mexico working at building affordable housing. Along the way she meets Diego and they are attracted to one another, and you can pick up the story from there. Diego of course is a hit man and he must decide what to do in either following through with the contract or protecting her and then protecting them. That part of the story is interesting. Overall I think this is good once you get past the beginning, but maybe it is just me. I overthink things too much sometimes. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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