VENGEANCE                                                       ERIC PROCHASKA

There’s no limit to what we’ll do for family…

Ethan Tanner’s grad school life in Arizona is a far cry from his childhood in Cedar Rapids. And that’s exactly how he wants it.

Raised in near poverty by a father who dabbled none too successfully in the world of organised crime, the only person Ethan has ever cared about is his older brother Aiden.

So when he gets a call saying his brother is dead, Aiden’s world falls apart. Ethan plans to attend his brother’s funeral and then leave, once and for all. But from the moment he gets back, something feels off.

Soon, law-abiding Ethan is immersed in the dark underworld he always wanted to avoid, as he starts to think that a drug debt prompted Aiden’s death. No matter who he angers, Ethan is going to find out what really happened to his brother.

When Casey Porter, an old friend from school who is now entrenched in the world that swallowed his brother lends a hand, Ethan has to ponder how far he is willing to go to avenge Aiden. But as the pieces start to fall into place, he finds allies in strange places, and discovers a side of himself he never knew existed...

Set in a pre-9/11 world, Vengeance looks at the choices that determine our fate, a son’s quest for a father’s love, and how far one brother will go for another.


I had high hopes for this book. The story is about a Grad student Ethan Tanner who lives in Arizona and comes home to Cedar Rapids to find out how who killed his brother, and to get vengeance. He knows his father had ties with organized crime and the more he begins to dig around he ends up at his dads place. There are many characters, along with a back story of their childhood. This is all good but it drags in the middle and by the time I began to enjoy the story again it was widening down. As much as I really want to give this book a higher rating I can’t because of the drag in the middle. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us

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